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Which has been one of the most favorite rock band for over a decade? No brownie points for guessing as it has got to be Linkin Park! This band, rocked the audience with their songs like ‘What I’ve done’, ‘Bleed it out’, ‘Somewhere I belong’, ‘Pushing me away’ etc. Winner of two Grammy awards, the band has been well appreciated by everyone for their music. Numb, still remains to be a favorite among the audience even after all these years, showing how their music is not just a one time listen but something that will remain popular in the years to come by.

Living things, is their fifth studio album which released on 20th June 2012. It debuted on the number one spot on the Billboard 200 chart, hence giving the audience all the more reason to listen to this album. The album consists of 12 songs running for around 37 minutes, let’s have a look at whether this album will fare better than the previous ones.

Song name


Lost in the echo ★★★½☆
In my remains ★★★☆☆
Burn it down ★★★★☆
Lies greed misery ★★★★☆
I’ll be gone ★★★★☆
Castle of glass ★★★★½
Victimized ★★★★☆
Roads untraveled ★★★★☆
Skin to bone ★★★☆☆
Until it breaks ★★★½☆
Tinfoil ★★★★☆
Powerless ★★★½☆

1. Lost in the echo

Angry and aggressive is how the band has been sounding in their previous songs, and they continue to sound the same in this track too. Wordings which describe about loss and the pain felt at such instances, Chester Bennington screams his lungs out through the entire song and the music is the only thing that captivates you.

2. In my remains

This track interests you as it starts off but later it gets too boring. Although, somehow the music can start a string of mixed emotions in you and Chester continues to scream in this track too.

3. Burn it down

This one has been the most popular lead single of any band in this year. The song sounds like What I’ve done in certain parts but Chester’s and Mike’s vocals and how both of it blend together makes this track sound amazing! The music in the background when Mike starts his rapping is something which one would really like, as it quite up beat and the rest of the song is accompanied with a hard core rock music.

4. Lies greed misery

Get set to be surprised as this track is going to blow your mind away! It’s hard to believe this track is by Linkin Park as it’s a blend of rock,rap and metal. Also the vocals sound like Kanye West and the music towards the end sound like Korn, hence leading to all the shock and surprises. Maybe, this is one of the reasons what makes this song unique and why it’s a favorite among the Linkin Park fans.

5. I’ll be gone

Listen to this one for it’s music! Metal fans will love this one as it engages and captures all your attention. This one is worth being on your play list.

6. Castle of glass

Fans who have been hoping to hear something different from this band, this track is for you. It’s new, unique and absolutely scintillating! Hopefully this one will repeat the history of breaking all records like their previous song ‘Numb’ did.

7. Victimized

This 2 minute long song shows how talented and skilled this band is as it will leave you stunned by the time the song ends! They sound extremely Gothic and metal fans will enjoy headbanging to this one.

8. Roads untraveled

Deep and philosophical is how the tune and wordings make this song sound. Alluring yes, that’s the word to describe this track. This one is a must listen!

9. Skin to bone

As the track begins it sounds like a movie sound track. The music makes the track sound very creepy and for some reason you might feel a sense of curiosity rising within you as you listen to this track! Compared to the other tracks this one does not match up to the standards.

10. Until it breaks

This one is just another song in the album which sounds quite chaotic, you wont pay much attention to it unless you are one of those people who like to listen to robotic music. A one time listen

11. Tinfoil

The music! That’s the only word which will continue to ring in your mind. It’s mysterious and ravishing. It will make a perfect background music for a movie based on genre of crime.

12. Powerless

Powerless is a nice track but the previous tracks in the album have been so mind blowing that this one fails to fall under that category. This one is slow and for once you won’t be hearing Chester screaming. A simple yet quite a powerful track to end the album with.

Overall verdict : This album see’s the birth of a whole new Linkin Park, it also justifies why they continue to remain the most popular rock band till date. The album is filled with energizing and powerful tracks, the music is obviously the wow factor in this album. It is interesting to note how the band is slowly transforming themselves from a rock band to a metal one. Castle of glass, Victimized, Roads untraveled, Lies greed misery are the best tracks in the album which might continue to reign the charts for sometime. This album shouldn’t be missed out on, as it promises to give you nothing but the best!

Overall ★★★★★★★★½☆