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Song: Live It Up

Artist: Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull

Label: 2101, Capitol

Genre:Europop, dance pop


Sheer energy is what makes Live It Up by Jennifer “Jlo” Lopez ft. Pitbull the scintillating number that it is. We’re no stranger to the Jlo and Pitbull combination, what with their previous collaborations, Dance Again and On The Floor, rocking the charts! Live It Up is made of a similar surefire formula of dancey beats, high-energy rap, assertions of “YOLO” “Live it up, live it up, go, go!” and the infectious Jlo-Pitbull chemistry! It’s fast paced, happy and harmless radio-friendly and club-friendly romp that’s quite the norm with these two!

Recorded as a single for Jlo’s upcoming eighth studio album due for release in November 2013, Live It Up is every bit as vivacious as Dance Again, as club-friendly as On The Floor but a little less manufactured in sound than the latter.

The song oozes with genuine carefreeness rather than the brazen but almost formulaic dynamism that I felt characterized On The Floor. Which means that Live It Up is more than just bits and pieces of popular hit tunes strung together (I felt that the chorus of On The Floor was a little too reminiscent of Kesha’sTiKToK). It’s less catchy, despite all the current happy-pop-inspirational catchphrases sprinkled throughout the song for good measure, exactly what you’d expect from Jlo and Pitbull but still fresher, thanks to the cheeriness and verve in their vocals!

Final Verdict : Live It Up proves that Jlo and Pitbull together are magic. Following pretty much the same formula as their previous collaborations, they have churned out a celebratory dance pop track that you’ll be tapping your feet to in spite of yourself!

Overall ★★★★★★★☆☆☆