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 Album : Little Broken Hearts 

Artist : Norah Jones

Geethali Norah Jones Shankar, popularly known as just Norah Jones worldwide released her fifth studio album ‘Little Broken Hearts’ on 27th April 2012. The American singer, song writer and pianist who is the daughter of Pandit Ravi Shankar has won nine Grammy awards, hence proudly established herself as one of the best known artists in her time. Norah, started her solo musical career in the year 2002 with the release of her album ‘Come away with me’ which not only sold around 20 million copies worldwide but it was also critically acclaimed. Versatility defines her music, most of her songs fall under the category of jazz, but some of her songs also fall under other genres such as ‘Blues’, ‘pop’, ‘country’, ‘folk’ etc. Her latest album debuted at number two on  the billboard 200 chart, which clearly shows that this album is a roaring success among the audience.

Let’s have a detailed look at how this album fares :-

 Song Name  Rating
Good morning ★★★★☆
Say goodbye ★★★½☆
Little broken hearts ★★★☆☆
She’s 22 ★★★½☆
Take it back ★★★☆☆
After the fall ★★★★☆
4 broken hearts ★★★★☆
Travelin’ on ★★★★☆
Out on the road ★★★☆☆
Happy pills ★★★½☆
Miriam ★★★☆☆
All a dream ★★★★☆

 1.      Good morning :

A soothing and peaceful track which is perfect to listen early in the morning. Vocals is very soft and dreamy like.

Music has the capability to change one’s mood and the music of this track is sure to male you feel very calm and composed.

 2.      Say goodbye :

It describes the epitome of pain and helplessness which is felt in a broken relationship. Music is jazzy, hence lifts up the entire mood of the song. Thanks to Norah’s voice, as the way she sings it doesn’t make this one a sad melody.

 3.      Little broken hearts :

Lyrics are very poetic which is accompanied with a country like music which is quite spooky. Norah’s soft and sultry voice is replaced by a hoarse like voice which creates an aura of mysteriousness. First time listeners of Norah Jones wouldn’t like this song much.

 4.      She’s 22 :

 Hurt and jealousy are the two things which are brought out in the song beautifully with the help of the vocals and subtle piano music accompanied in the background.

 5.      Take it back :

This song isn’t too bad, you will enjoy listening to this one only for it’s jazz and folksy kind of music but it’s not a track which you would include it in your favorite play list.

 6.      After the fall :

One of the best tracks in the album, it’s a must listen because the vocals are absolutely stunning! It is extremely melodious and delightful to listen to on a rainy day specially. An admirable job by Norah when it comes to this song.

 7.      4 Broken hearts :

Another wonderful and a must listen track of this album because of it’s music and the wordings. The music is something similar to what you’ll find in horror movies  and the wordings speak about heartbreak and betrayal. It’s a dark and gloomy track but it surely is a great one !

 8.      Travelin’ on :

Song isn’t that great but you will surely appreciate the music as it’s a typical Norah’s delicate guitar music yet it sounds very fresh and rejuvenating.

 9.      Out on the road :

It’s a good track but there’s nothing new about it as it’s the same old kind of music and lyrics which explore the magnitude of pain felt when you are no longer with the one you love. Vocals continue to remain gentle and sluggish.

 10.  Happy pills :

Like her other songs this one is a slow melody too but in comparison with other tracks this one is quite fast paced as the music can get your feet tapping. It’s one of the reasons why you would enjoy listening to this one as the vocals continue to enchant you.

 11.  Miriam :

It’s a very depressing track hence it’s not something one would like to listen to. The track isn’t bad as such but it creates a very murky atmosphere as the tune and wordings are bitter.

 12.  All a dream :

This 6 minute long song is just brilliant. With it’s jazzy and folksy feel you can’t help but listen to this song again and again. The song is a little too long which might get you thinking that you might lose interest while listening to it but no, this song won’t bore you at all.


Norah Jones is highly gifted and talented. Her tracks are extremely soulful and there is so much of depth in it especially the way she sings it. She deserves to be named as the jazz queen, as her jazz music is favorite among the audience all over the world. This album just affirms how deserving she is of those Grammy awards she has won. Though there are some tracks in the album which don’t work, tracks like ‘Good morning’, ‘After the fall’, ‘4 broken hearts’ and ‘All a dream’ are a must listen.

It’s an album you shouldn’t miss out on.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆