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A Canadian moves to Nashville to play pop music. I know what you’re thinking, I waited for the punch line myself, but this is no joke.HOLLY ELLE IS THE REAL DEAL! Who says you have to play country music if you live in Nashville? Holly Elle is breaking the city’s stereotype one song at a time.


Holly Elle’s latest single, “Lifeline” showcases her strong vocals and her catchy songwriting skills. With electronic beats and danceable hooks, “Lifeline” sounds more like a song that could be released by heavy hitters, likeRihanna or Ellie Goulding, rather than a fairly unknown artist, but this might be what sets Holly apart from the other pop wannabes out there. She has the talent in both the vocal and songwriting aspects of the industry; this is hard to come by and makes me love Holly that much more.

Check out “Lifeline” and see for yourself: