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Simple is often so much better. Just like the stark imagery that sold the Mac, Lauren Harding appears against a white / black backdrop with the support of some flashy feathers and a dreamy single, “Shooting Stars”.

There is an old school 1950’s hollywood quality to songstress’s looks and appeal while her music is more steeped in the glam rock of the 70’s. Her voice fluctuates from catty whisper to double tracked snarl while the electrified jazz chorus reaches it’s climax. Instead of jumping back into the verse there are nice little change ups after each chorus, the final one dwindling down to her and the piano which works surprisingly well.

Lauren’s EP Heart in a Box is a fairly strait forward foray into the retro rock of yesterday, but there is something remarkably genuine about Lauren’s delivery. Even tracks like the campy rocker “Poison” possess a wonderfully unpretentious vibe. Perhaps the difference is Lauren is really having fun making this music and it has found its way into the recordings. Either way, it is pulled off with class and style.

Her press materials pin the album as one recorded in a short, creative frenzy and that picture stuck in my head as I digested the 6 song EP. It culminates in the sync friendly “Sunset” which channels Ingrid Michaelson’s quirky pop into a doowop tinged country song. It is a lovely listen and indicative of Lauren’s strengths as a performer and musician.

Harding’s full length LP is due out early 2013 and is sure to please fans from Carol King to Katy Perry

-Gregory Calempore