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Produced and distributed by : Eros International
Directed and Conceived by : Soundarya. R. Ashwin
Story by : K.S. Ravi Kumar
Music : AR Rahman
Cast : “Superstar” Rajinikanth , Deepika Padukone , Jackire Sheroff , Nasser , Sarath Kumar , Shobana ,
Cinematography by : Rajiv Menon
Editing by : Antony
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
Sound Design : Resul Pookutty


Kochadiyaan is a longly expected movie of Superstar Rajnikanth , who has the captured the attention of Motion technology this time, which makes him the probably India’s first actor to cross the cinema science of all the generations. It has an interesting set of people roped in like Jackie Sheroff , Sarathkumar , Nasser , Aadhi to name a few. The music is by the Mozart of Madras, AR Rahman. Lets hear to find how the album roars.

Karma Veeran ★★★★☆
Singers : A.R.Rahman , A.R.Rehainaah
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
With the soul-searching and ever ringing voices of Rahman and Rehainaah in the ears , the song expects you to sit and enjoy this majestic ride on a historic land. The credibility of the music and the inspiring lyrics written need no say , when it is two magical wizards at work. The chorus and the live instruments like the violins , brass and drums draws you to admire .

Manamaganin Sathiyam★★★★½
Singer : Haricharan
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
The easy-pick song amongst all will be this track , that is soft , caressing in shape and sung by Haricharan in his very peculiar style. The melody explains the bridegroom’s promises to keep his rest half like a princess and is decorated by a garland of traditional sounds of Nadaswaram , ganjira and tabla .

Singer : Kochadaiyaan Ensemble
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
The praises on the king “Kochaidiyaan” is performed by the ensemble (named after the track), with splendid power and prowess , filling the listeners mind with enormous aura of distortion guitars , bassoons , chenda . An intriguing track indeed and yes , look for the lines in the song.

Manapenin Sathiyam★★★★½
Singer : Latha Rajinikanth
Lyrics : Vairamuthu

The female version shares a difference at various levels. Be it the voice and rendered by Superstar’s Latha or the lyrics written for the bride , as to how she assumes her life with her soon-to-be husband and will take care of him with all the powers . Here , Latha pours her real life feelings into it and make it more realistic.

Rana’s Dream★★★★☆
Performed by : The London Symphony
A Hollywood representation in Kollywood. Wow , that is the exact effect on hearing. If you are a fan of classical symphonies , then this soundtrack is just for yourself. The London symphony have performed it and thanks to the ARR for creating such a blend of floating sounds, that will put the mind to a relaxing sleep.

Maatram Ondrudaan★★★★½
Singer : Haricharan , Chorus
Narration by : “Superstar” Rajinikanth
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
A special track in the album , specially dedicated to the Superstar’s fans with him , doing a narration , which travels parallel with the song featuring Haricharan again , backed by a pumping choral section. Vairamuthu writes the lines with deep-down life insights and never ever forget the last line , if u have missed it once. It summarizes human existence in full pack. Superstar gains energy as the meaning gets larger.

Singers : S.P.Balasubramaniam , Sadhana Sargam
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
It is a long time , that we have heard a soft semi-classical number from ARR’s collection and now at the right time, we have one , which has SPB and Sadhana Sargam rendering their graceful voices to some intoxicating arrangements involving mridangam , tiny strings and snares. Fall in love instantly or else you wont find it interesting.

Idhayam ★★★★½
Singers : Chinmayi , Srinivas
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
Purvi raag is certain to crawl into and breach the brain to make you loose the senses with the mesmerizing lady having the godly voice , Chinmayi doing the treatment. Srinivas gets another big track , just like “Minsara Poove” with the superstar and sings the nuances easily well. An exciting song with a romantic fixture.

Enge Pogudhe Vaanam★★★★½
Singers : S.P.Balasubramaniam , Chorus
Lyrics : Vairamuthu
Since this was reviewed , when it was released a single in a elaborate way , you get hooked to it. Just like before. You can check the review for it here (https://www.musicperk.com/kochadaiyaan-engae-pogudho-vaanam/)

Picks of the album – The songs will make your brain roll over the entire album . To avoid some collateral damage , each and every song has its own attractiveness.

Bottomline – Even after achieving an un-surmountable feat of an Indian snatching the Oscars , ARR continues to give surprises and earns tremendous respect & fan-following across the globe. He really has elevated the film with his workmanship , that no-one would have done to this film. The songs creates an high expectation for the visuals and watch for the Superstar to combine them.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆