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Music Director: Amjad Nadeem, Santokh singh

Cast: Mallika Sherawat, Vivek Oberoi, Anshuman Jha

Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

Director: Sanjay Khanduri

The last time we saw Vivek Oberoi onscreen was probably in Rakhta Charithra. So this is his latest offering. Set in Delhi, the movie makes a funny depiction of the Delhi night life.

It would be interesting to see how the music is composed since the story is about a single roller coaster night when both the lead pair miss the last metro and meet with series of events that brings them closer than ever unlike other stories that are spread across days, months or probably years.

Santokh Singh is a guest composer and lyricist for both the versions of Appy budday and he has sung the songs as well. Shabbir Ahmed who has penned words for OMG and Dangerous Ishq is the lyricist for this album. The director had earlier given us ‘Ek challis ki last Local’.

The movie is releasing on the 5th of October 2012.

Would KPLD change the ‘kismet’ for everyone involved?





Sonu Nigam, Ritu Pathak


Appy Buddhay(Videshi)

Santokh Singh



Sukhvinder Singh, Mamta Sharma


Don’t Fuff my Mind

Mika Singh, Vivek Oberoi


Appy Budday(Desi)

Santokh Singh


Don’t Fuff My Mind(Remix)

Mika Singh, Vivek Oberoi



1.       Dhishkiyaon

This is a fun song with a Punjabi Bhangra base. Sonu Nigam does justice to the song with his magical voice. The words are humorous and catchy to hear. The lyrics are multi-lingual with words in Hindi, English and Punjabi. Ritu joins in only towards the middle of the song. Ritu’s voice exudes fun and complements Sonu’s however she should have been given a larger part in the song. The beats are fast paced and makes up for a perfect dance number. There is an array of instruments in use here that adds to the pomp of the song. One is reminded of the baraat setting when hearing these instruments.

2.       Appy Buddhay (Videshi)

The song has a Punjabi hip hop touch to it. The words are almost Punjabi. This is a fusion of western music and Bhangra and sounds different. It sounds as if Santokh is rapping away this song. The videshi version uses a lot of electric guitars and is sure to be played in parties and weddings at least in the northern part of the country.

3.       Jugaad

The crude voice of Sukhwinder hits you against a backdrop of harmonium and guitars and a host of other instruments. Mamta sharma gives the added push to the song and performs on par with Sukhwinder. The song again has a Punjabi base to it. The words are interesting to listen to and some lines end up being humorous. The mood is one of frolic and fun. This fast number is sure to make people dance around at various events. Mamta’s voice appears teasingly erotic. Sukhwinder again gets a lion’s share of the song but the song actually should have been equally distributed between both the lead singers.

4.       Don’t Fuff my Mind

This is another chill-pill kinda track that tries the hip hop route with success. The words speak of Delhi and its various elements. The English words chipped in add to the cool quotient. The words are catchy and entertain you. Vivek chips in with some stories and some comments that add to the humour side of the song. Mika adds some energy to the song amidst some hard sitting beats. Time pass song! Worth a listen for its words thanks to Shabbir. The only thing that can carry you till the end of the song without getting worn out is if listen to the words and not go by the tune alone.

5.       Appy Budday (Desi)

OK! So here comes the desi version. Although there appears to be no different in the pace of Santokh’s voice, the instrumentals include a flute and a Harmonium, some whistles and a lot more chorus while still making use of the electric guitar. The English words are chipped in between to add some cool quotient. After hearing the Videshi version, I don’t think you would prefer to hear this version as it seems terribly out of place. While the Videshi version appears too modern, this one appears like a Pure Punjabi song and sung against a rural backdrop.

6.       Don’t Fuff My Mind(Remix)

The remix contains some Djing and some fast beats and the singers sing faster. The lines do remain the same. The mixing doesn’t shadow the beauty of the original song and doesn’t spoil the fun factor of the song but adds to it even more. The song has been mixed well and is worth a listen.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

VERDICT: Listen to it for fun, fast beats, Punjabi-kind of songs and some entertaining humorous words.

Most of the songs are composed against the backdrop of fun and masti-Just the perfect recipe for the movie to gain instant recall and visibility among the masses but there are hardly any of the songs that seem to stick to or complement the story line actually. Considering that the lead pair is supposed to end loving each other, there doesn’t seem to be a single out and out romantic track in the album and not a melody to be heard too. All songs follow the Punjabi Bhangra route and more or less have the same pace. That apart, it would be a challenge to keep from shaking a leg to this album.

Sonu and Sukhwinder seem to have carried their respective songs on their shoulders to success. Mika too seems to have done justice to his song. Surprisingly, Vivek Oberoi chose to sing a song and has done a decent job at that. Santokh could have done a better job. The female singers could have been given some more to sing since both of them have shown their capability even within the limited words allotted to them.

There are effectively only four songs while the other two appear to be variants of those songs. The composers could have tried out with different genres of music and not stick to Bhangra alone.

Although the songs might be liked in North India, I doubt the level of reception and recognition when it comes to other parts of the country.

Not a single song that would stay in your hearts and minds forever. This is a decent attempt at fun and frolic at best!