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The music of the most expected laughter riot ‘Kanna Laddu Thinna Aasaiya’ is out. This movie stars Santhanam, Sethu, Power star and Vishaka in the lead. Also Young Super Star STR is said to be playing a cameo in this movie. The movie is produced by Santhanam himself and directed by KS Manikandan. The music is composed by Thaman. Let us check out how the album has turned out.

Song Rating
Aasaiye Alaipole ★★★½☆
Birthday ★★★★☆
Duet Song ★★★☆☆
Love Letter ★★★☆☆
Potti ★★½☆☆
Ye Unnathan ★★★½☆

Aasaiye Alaipole
Singers – Ranjith & Rahul

The album starts off with a rather funny and entertaining song. This one is a remix of the old song with the same name with added lyrics here and there to fine tune the song for this film. The song is enjoyable and serves its intention well enough. It is catchy and has been sung well do. A good hear overall.

Singers – MLR.Karthikeyan, Senthil & Sam P Keerthan

This is another fun song celebrating the birthday of the one and only Power Star. It is a roller coaster ride with all ingredients for getting entertained. It aptly describes Power Star’s gimmicks and has pretty good tune too. The transition from the fast paced start to a not-so-fast but a good song is done well. This song is sure going to rock on the screen for it has Power Star written all over it!

Duet song
Singers – Muralidhar, Rahul & Ranjith

This one is another fun and fast song. The song portrays arguments between guys and girls over who is being more justified in love. The song is a good experimentation with various voices coming in here and there. The song overall is very entertaining.

Love Letter
Singers – Gaana Bala & Mukesh

The fun doesn’t seem to be stopping. This song though having a kind of sad tune, sounds very funny especially because of the lyrics. This one can be classified as a slow gaana song. It is a very small song but still is very entertaining (again)!

Singers – Gana Bala & Mukesh

This one is a kind of gaana song. Again a peppy number that is sure to rock on the screen but doesn’t entertain much on listening. It is a typical gaana song with misplaced and funny lyrics trying to mean something special. The singers have done a good job to maintain the genre of the song well.

Ye Unnathan
Singers – Ranjith, Rahul, Naveen & Suchitra

This one is a good song. Suchitra’s portions are sung very well. The song is fast paced and catchy. The lead male singers almost catch up with her and make it an enjoyable ride overall. Another good listen, well composed too!

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Verdict – So, here we have one helluva entertaining album. Almost all songs are going to bring up a cheer or smile because every song is intended to have  fun while listening. The composer Thaman has done a credible job to make sure the album’s genre is met with properly. Few songs are sure going to set the cinemas on fire as there is enough potential to make it look highly entertaining on screen too! If you are looking for a good, funny and entertaining album, go for this one as you are definitely going to like it.

Picks of the album – Birthday, Ye Unnathan