Kaliyugam is an upcoming Tamil movie directed by Yuvraj Pandian. The movie stars new comers Ajay, Neethi Taylor, Vinoth Krishna.

Music Composers : Taj Noor, Sidharth Vipin, Arunagiri

Song Rating
Yedukkuda ★★★½☆
Ajala Ujala ★★☆☆☆
Sirapunji Salaiyilea ★★★½☆
Yeno Yeno ★★★½☆
Vennaiyela ★★½☆☆

Singers : Steve Vatz, Malavika Manoj

The album starts off with a kind of rap song. The lead singer Steve Vatz has done a quite good job keeping the listener engaged. Malavika Manoj handles the in between portions of the song quite well making it a good listen.

Ajala Ujala
Singer : Marangana Viji 

A koothu song, this one sounds quite very outdated. The flavor is quite old and doesn’t entertain much. Though the lead singer has done a good job along with some quirky lyrics, the song doesn’t quite sound good.

Sirapunji Salaiyile
Singer : Haricharan

This is a better song. Haricharan has done a great job and the song on a whole is a quite engaging and catchy melody. A good hear overall.

Yeno Yeno
Singer : Rahul Nambiar

Another good song. This song again has a catchy tune with interesting orchestration. The lead singer Rahul Nambiar has done a brilliant job in this quite pacy melody. Another good listen.

Singer : Mukesh 

This song again is quick but doesn’t have anything fresh to offer. However, the song sounds better than ‘Ajala Ujala’. Could have been better with some experimenting. A decent composition.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

Verdict: The album has a couple of good songs but the composers could have done something to make the songs sound fresh. The album lacks creativity probably because of 3 composers having worked on it. The songs however do not sound bad. They are just normal songs and do not stand out. Go for this album if you have nothing else to do.