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Music Album : Kalakalappu

Music Director : Vijay Ebenezer

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Unnaipattri Unnidame Devan, Prashanthini ★★★½☆
Ivalunga imsai Amitabh Narayan ★★★☆☆
Angelina Krish, Dr. Burn, Mili Nair ★★★☆☆
Masala Cafe Rahul Nambiar, Sheeba, Steevevatz ★★★½☆
Mokkamanusha Steevevatz, Suchitra Karthik ★★½☆☆
Ava Thirumbi Karthik, Anitha ★★★½☆

 1.      Unnaipattri Unnidame

Singers : Devan, Prashanthini

A breezy romantic melody describing his girl’s beauty. Devan’s vocal adds to the overall feel of the song. The surprise additions are Nadhasvaram and Konnakol. The second interlude is to notch and is the best part of the song.

2.      Ivalunga Imsai

Singer : Amitabh Narayan

Amitabh Narayan has to work on his pronunciation big time. There is no clue why there is narration at the beginning of the song(Pronunciation is bad in this part too). Simple yet catchy lyrics with references to  Dharmendra, Kamal Hassan and Kannadasan is the song’s secret ingredient.

3.      Angelina

Singers : Krish, Dr. Burn, Mili Nair

This song is a mixture of Tamil rap by Dr. Burn and gentle vocals by Krish. The tune immediately after the rap is a bit monotonous and brings down the mood which is present in other parts of the song.

4.      Masala cafe

Singers : Rahul Nambiar, Sheeba Truman, Steevevatz

Masala cafe is a happy, feel good title song. It begins well with good pace and gets a bit boring on its course. Even in this song’s lyrics there are references to Lakshmi Mittal and Ambani. On the whole, the song is a good inclusion in the album which adds to its diversity.

5.      Mokkamanusha

Singers : Steevevatz, Suchitra Karthik

This song sounds like a mix and lacks continuity. The lyrics is incongruous and doesn’t make much sense. However, people may like this song for its very nature of variety.

6.      Ava Thirumbi

Singer : Karthik, Anitha

This song resembles ‘Kaalangathala’ from Vengai. However, A good tune combined with the vocals of Karthik never disappoints us. The lyrics are simple and complements the song very well. This song will probably stay in charts for some time.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

Verdict : It is evident that the music director tried some variety in his second album. The songs are good overall but not extraordinary. Melodies are surely Vijay’s strength and has delivered them very well.