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               Kadali Movie First Look Wallpapers (2)                                                                                                                                          

Cast: Gautham Karthik,Thulasi Nair,Arvind Swamy,Arjun,Ponvannan,Lakshmi Manchu

Music: A.R.Rahman

Story: Jeyamohan

Editing: A.Sreekar Prasad

Cinematography: Rajiv Menon

Lyrics: Vanamali

Screenplay: Jeyamohan

Direction: Mani Ratnam


Track Name Singers Rating
Chitti Jaabili Vijay Yesudas ★★★★☆
Yadike Sid Sriram ★★★★½
Patchani Thotta Abhay Jodhpurkar,Harini ★★★★½
Elay Jelle A.R. Rahman ★★★★☆
Gunjukunnaa Shakthisree Gopalan,A.R.Rahman ★★★★☆
Mamathe Neevule Haricharan ★★★½☆
Magidi Magidi Aaryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam,Chinmayee,Tanvi Shah ★★★★½


Album Analysis:

Chitti Jaabili

Singers: Vijay Yesudas

Lyrics: Vanamali

One of the best emotional songs in recent times! Vijay Yesudas does perfect justice to the song and I heavily doubt whether any other singer would have been apt for this song (barring his father perhaps).The song has some amazing lyrics and it leaves an emotional impact on the listeners. Must hear! 


Singers: Sid Sriram

Lyrics: Vanamali

A rocking song! “Yadike” falls under the genre ‘Blues’. This song truly mesmerizes even though it has a simple chord progression. The singing by Sid Sriram is top-notch. Rahman usually comes up with something like this once a while (Remember “Aaromale”?) A killer song!

Elay Jelle

Singers: A.R. Rahman

Lyrics: Vanamali

The fan-favorite among the album! Elay Jelle has vocals from none other than ARR himself. This is a happy, feel-free type of song and mostly would be picturized on fisherman folks joyously singing. The song gets better as it progresses. The only negative aspect is the lyrics or the audibility of it.


Singers: Shakthisree Gopalan,A.R.Rahman

Lyrics: Vanamali

Already popular thanks to the Mtv ARR program, Gunzukunna is a slow female solo with a pleasant feel to it. Shakthisree Gopalan has really nailed it. The humming in the second interlude by Rahman reminds us of the good old days of ‘Bombay’ & ‘Dil Se’. The slight resemblance to ‘Sara Sara Sarakaathu’ could have been avoided. Still, this is a solidly appealing song!

Mamathe Neevule

Singers: Haricharan

Lyrics: Vanamali

Remember ‘Anbendra Mazhaiyile’ from ‘Minsara Kanavu’? There is so much synergy going on in ‘Mamathe Neevule’. Both the songs have AR Rahman. Both have more or less the same gospel feel. Both movies have Rajeev Menon associated in one way or another. Both the films have Arvind Swamy. So much synergy!  All said, this is a powerful, one of a kind song with Haricharan delivering one of his finest renditions.

Patchani Thotta

Singers: Abhay Jodhpurkar,Harini

Lyrics: Vanamali

Undoubtedly, the album’s best number! This song is so full of pleasantness, so romantic in the sense that even the listeners would tend to fall in love with this. We can expect some lovely camerawork in this song. Abhay Jodhpurkar is a name to look out for in the future. Harini makes a comeback and reminds us once again that the “Hello Mr.Edhirkatchi” girl can still rock. An absolute delight!

Magidi Magidi

Singers: Aaryan Dinesh Kanagarathnam,Chinmayee,Tanvi Shah

Lyrics: Vanamali

At first place you’d probably think what is this song doing here anyway? But let me tell you, it’s a killer song. The dub step genre is still in infant stages in regional movies and ARR tries it in “Magidi” and very easily takes it to the next level. Guessing by the genre of the movie, this song could be used in the credit sequences. Aaryan Dinesh is very impressive and Chinmayi has spoken some dialogues rather than singing. Tanvi Shah’s “Di Di Di Magudi” has high distinct value.


Overall, ’Kadali’ is one of the best albums to have released this year. However it’s a pity ARR rarely gives an album like this nowadays with more soul and less technology. Don’t miss it.


Picks of the album: Yadike, Patchani Thotta, Elay Jelle, Gunjukunnaa, Magidi Magidi

Album Verdict: ARR gives a refreshingly soft album!

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆