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Artist: Zac Brown Band

Genre: Country

Label: Atlantic, Southern Ground

Lyrics: Wyatt Durrette, Zac Brown, Jason Mraz


‘Jump Right In,’ was recorded by Zac Brown Band for their third album, ‘Uncaged.’ The critics have absolutely loved this track, calling it the authentic ‘Caribbean’ beat. Let’s see if it meets our standards.

The song begins with some jazzy, peppy keys with jazzy voice howling ‘southern wind sings an island lullaby.’ A perfect Samba edge to it, the song slowly segues into a country folk number and then into indie pop, an amazing combo.

The track’s like a light autumn breeze, the chill that the season brings with it and a hundred different things brought along within the measure of a day. The song is a mirror of your dreams, the dreams of a carefree life with the Southern winds to embrace by when you’re lost. The song speaks of what the heart wants regardless of what the mind thinks or does, a rare occasion. The song tells you to live life without a care in the world, and you end up longing for such a life.

This track does remind you of Zac Brown Band’s famous number, ‘Chicken Fried’, which again, in essence, had the same theme, a carefree life. The two songs are entirely different in terms of the music, the acoustics and the deliverance, now again; you can’t help but relate the two or any of the tracks by the band, for that matter. Now, this is one band that that does not ever disappoint its listeners.

The track’s a pretty decent attempt, the composition, the vocals, the combination of the acoustics and the timing is pretty fine and well tuned. You sure do get pulled into the music.

Album verdict: A perfect beach song to go with

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆