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Cast: Arshad Warsi, Amrita Rao and Boman Irani

Music: Krsna

Label: T-Series

Story: Subhash Kapoor

Editing: Sandeep Singh Bajeli

Cinematography: Anshuman Mahaley

Screenplay: Subhash Kapoor

Direction: Subhash Kapoor


How often have we seen films on the courtroom subject? Jolly LLB is a new courtroom comedy movie with Munnai Bhai Stars Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani (minus Sanjay Datt) in the lead cast. Subhash Kapoor received high regards for this movie before the movie got released and was even assigned the Director Hat for next Munnai Bhai movie. This is also a film based on a real life event involving an industrialist son in a Hit and Run event. Going by these information one can expect a simple, neat & straight forwards music with a lively feel. Let’s get into the Music Review now.

Track Name



Jhooth Boliya Kamal Khan


Daru Peeke Nachna Mika Singh & Shreya Ghoshal


Ajnabi Mohit Chauhan & Shreya Ghoshal


Hans Ki Chaal Kailash Kher


L Lag Gayi Bappi Lahiri


Jhooth Boliya (Remix) Kamal Khan


Daru Peeke Nachna (Remix) Mika Singh


Law Lag Gaye Bappi Lahiri


Album Analysis:

1. Jhooth Boliya

Singers: Kamal Khan

In the past few years we have seen music directors composing a Punjabi dance mix either as a title song or as end credit, going by the music this does sound like one such song. The music starts with the keyboards giving a Punjabi feel, what comes next is Kamal Khan singing on back ground repeating the words “Jhooth Boliya” in Punjabi style letting the Punjabi beats on high tempo. Kamal Khan has crooned his voice for this song. His voice is apt and just fits the music perfectly. Music by Krsna sounds similar to his previous work Sadi Galli, yet another song of same genre, but there is some good use of various instruments in this song. Lyrics by vayu and Subhash Kapoor are the heart of this song. The words are very meaning full, catchy, funny and simply true going by today’s laws.
A good promo Song with pumping beats.

2. Daru Peeke Nachna

Singers: Mika Singh & Shreya Ghoshal

An unusual combination Mika Singh and Shreya Ghoshal have rendered their voice for this fast paced Punjabi style festive song. Both these singers are brilliant in this genre; they have sung this song with ease and comfort. Mika Singh starts the song in a normal tempo and swings full on in dance mode very quickly. Shreya Ghoshal gets plenty of space to fill in the female voice. The chemistry in both these singers voice is something to look for more in future. Music is interesting with good mix of instruments. Lyrics are catchy and fit well to the music.

3. Ajnabi

Singers: Mohit Chauhan & Shreya Ghoshal

When you bring in two of the best singers in the industry for a melody, you expect it to be an instant hit. Mohit Chauhan who is running high in his career; thanks to Rockstar and Shreya Ghoshal who has already made her name as the best singer in melody number join to sing Ajnabi. This isn’t the first time this to are singing together, but almost all the sing with this two have reached top of the chart. The song starts in slow tempo in a very pleasant tune. Mohit take over from there in a passionate way. As much as the male voice shows the romance, the female voice return back equally in Shreya’s voice. There are places where you feel Mohit’s voice still has that Rockstar effect but it is over shadowed by some brilliant music. Krsna has mixed both modern and classical instruments pretty well for this short and sweet romantic song. The lyrics are simple, rhythmic and sound true from the heart of a guy who is consoling his girlfriend.

Obviouslly the Pick of the Album.

4. Hans Ki Chaal

Singers: Kailash Kher

If there is one singer who can sing a song in Hindustani-Gazal genre, it has to be Kailash Ji. Hanse Ki Chaal is on that genre and Kailash Ji has done a fabulous job. The pauses, breaks, breadth control and variation in his voice are sublime. Kailash ji has also made sure this should be an enjoyable as well as a song to relax. The lyrics are crack-jack, enjoyable and catchy. If you go by the meaning of the lyrics you might get that silly smile on the other hand it does have a beautiful meaning. Music for this song is apt.
Kailash Ji, ka magic.

5. L Lag Gayi

Singers: Bappi Lahiri

One of the best songs of this album, sung by Bappi Lahiri. On the promo and film only one version is pictured but in the album there are two version of this song. Both the version has quite the same lyrics except the change in the word L to Law. Bappi Lahiri has sung this song brilliantly. After so many years you will cherish Bappi’s song which is full of funny meaning on today’s social issues that a middle class and layers face today. Bappi has given a treat for all the youths to dance, relax and enjoy it. As far the music goes by, the tune after the first stance and second stance sounds to be ripped off from a south indian song. Since the tune manages to go well with the song and bappi’s voice is all over the song, those parts can be forgiven and forgotten. The most attractive parts of the song are when bappi starts and ends the song.
Bappi’s treat!

6. Jhooth Boliya (Remix)

Singers: Kamal Khan

There are two songs which have been remixed and it’s pretty clear that it can be only those two Punjabi songs. As per the voice, lyrics and music are concerned it is pretty much the same as the original. The remix has been given a disco tempo for the clubbing; now people can move their body & bring the dance floor on fire. The tempo has been increased higher than the original version to give the essence of music and beats for dancing. There isn’t any new remix tune fed in, which makes it plain on creativity basics.

A good dance beat.

7. Daru Peeke Nachna (Remix)

Singers: Mika Singh

This is the second remix of the other Punjabi song. There is nothing much with voice and lyrics. The music has been given an Electronic Dance beats for Clubbing. The mixing is pretty good. Tempo kept at a decent pace, which could have been increased at places. The Base has been tuned high to make this a pure Club number. There are places where I felt the music was lost and which could have been given a techno mix.
A decent Punjabi Club song.

8. Law Lag Gaye

Singers: Bappi Lahiri

This is the second version or I should say the movie version of the song L Lag Gaye. This sounds much better for Courtroom Comedy movie. Also the lyrics are quite matching with the way Law. As I said before it’s purely a Bappi Lahiri treat for music lovers. He has sung it so perfect that it is hard to find any flaws with this song except the tunes in between which ripped off from familiar south indian track. Except that this is just a brilliant composition and singing.

Krsha has shown his potential with some memorable Ghazal type genre in Tanu weds Manu and with the Punjabi tracks as well. With the amount of skills he has got we expect some creativity and some innovative music from him.

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The music is just decent, or I should say a bit of letdown. It is the lyrics and singers who have managed to glue to music together and hide away the mediocre music. Still one good thing from this album is that it has been shaped and mixed well to suite the movie. All credits goes to Subhash Kapoor lyrics and Singers.

Picks Of The Album: Ajnabi, L Lag Gayi/Law Lag Gayi, Jhooth Boliya.

Album Verdict: Jolly LLB – Go Jolly !

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆