Music directors: – Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, Vicckey Goswami

Jism 2 is an upcoming Bollywood erotic thriller directed by Pooja Bhatt. It is the sequel to ‘Jism’ which had John Abraham and Bipasha Basu in lead. Sunny Leone debuts in this film. Mahesh Bhatt compared Jism 2 with Italian romance drama ‘Last Tango in Paris’. Now lets check out its music.

Song Singers Rating
Abhi Abhi(Male) K.K. ★★★★☆
Hey Walla Unoosha ★★★☆☆
   Abhi Abhi (Duet) K.K. , ShreyaGhoshal ★★★★½
Darta Hoon(Adhoora) Rushk ★★★☆☆
Yeh jism hai toh kya Ali Azmat ★★★★☆
Maula Ali Azmat ★★★★☆
Yehkassor SonuKakkar ★★★½☆


1. AbhiAbhi (Male)

Singer: – K.K.

It is perfect sad romantic song. Voice of K.K. has that pain of love. Lyrics are also heart touching. The melancholy is brought out very well. All in all a good one.


2. Hey Walla

Singer: – Unoosha

This song is a club-dance number with those characteristic beats which set the groove. But this is not one song which will be put on repeat mode. The lyrics are predominantly in English.


3. Abhi Abhi(Duet)

Singers: – K.K., ShreyaGhoshal

This is the duet version of the original. It exudes the same melancholic feel , but Shreya Ghoshal’s lilting vocals elevate the song from good to very good.


4.Darta Hoon(Adhoora)

Singer: – Rushk

Music of the song has a rock song’s feel. Rushk has a deep, mysterious voice. But there’s something amiss. Good, not great.


5. Ye Jism hai toh kya

Singer: – Ali Azmat

It is the title track of the movie. Starts off with a soulful piano verse which. Ali Azmat then takes over with his trly spectacular voice. The arrangements on this song are really noteworthy. This is a very nice song that will be liked by all.


6. Maula

Singer: – Ali Azmat

This song too is underlined by a heavy tinge of melancholy. The music has certain melancholic strains and Ali Azmat’s vocals work like a charm. The lyrics are also interesting. This song has commendable depth.


7.Yeh Kasoor

Singer: – Sonu Kakkar

It is a song of regret. It is soft track, slow and touchy. Sonu Kakkar has very clear voice. The quality of the song is appreciable.


Album Rating: –★★★★★★★★☆☆


Verdict: – All the songs of the movie are pretty good. The good thing is that several songs in this movie seem to have longer shelf life. Yeh jism hai toh kya, Abhi abhi – both versions and Maula are my picks. The music has further raised the expectations of the movie.