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Artist: Ivan Beecroft

Album: Whatever

Genre(s): Rock


Track Rating
1.     Sleepwalker ★★★½☆
2.    Say It to My Face ★★★★☆
3.    You Can’t Take My Soul ★★★★☆
4.    Got a Reputation ★★★★☆
5.     She Said ★★★★☆
6.   Believe ★★★★☆
7.   How Do You Sleep at Night ★★★★½
8.   Broken Wing ★★★★☆
9.   Ordinary Man ★★★★½
10.   Lost Child ★★★★½
11.   One Last Goodbye ★★★★½
  •  Sleepwalker:

Just in time for a solid year end finish this Ohio rocker brings everything to the table – the lyricism, the groove and the tempo.

  • Say It to My Face:

Nice catchy little tune that manages to pack a punch in its more sublime moments when the tone shifts with subtlety and grace.

  • You Can’t Take My Soul:

Another ditty that lingers and leaves you wanting for more as the crooner steals the show with his beautiful voice and mesmerizing chords.

  • Got a Reputation

Some Steve Earle and Tom Waits crossover vibes here. Decent track tucked nicely in the middle of the album.

  • She Said

This one is heartfelt and sincere and I could feel the man. Rock straight up from the soul served hot and honest.

  • Believe

This one is optimistic and became an instant earworm. Nice touch here rocker man. The Ohio spirit is infused every second of this track and you can feel it.

  • How Do You Sleep at Night

A weak track for me. Didn’t really fit in with the rest of the album thematically I felt but nevertheless it works here and there.

  • Broken Wing

The penultimate section begins with this song which is dry and at times runs the risk of being boring

  • Ordinary Man

Kinda wished they had edited these songs out. Felt they dragged the album

  • Lost Child

This one is the penultimate song and it brings back some of the energy from the first half. Full marks for saving the album from a dry spell.

  • One Last Goodbye

The closer is heartbreaking and is a solid finish to a very well polished and thoughtful rock album. Worth a listen.

Picks of the album: One Last Goodbye,  Sleepwalker, She Said

Overall rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆