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Artist: The Sazerac Swingers

Album: It’s Never Too Late For a Happy Childhood

Genre(s): Jazz

The Sazerac Swingers are a European band that plays New Orleans Jazz. The band blends different genres such as swing, calypso and second line music with jazz.


Track Rating
1.      Flying Home Rating: 4/5
2.      La Vampirita (ft Fredy Omar) Rating: 3/5
3.      Alligator in My Garden Shed Rating: 3.5/5
4.      Hello, Dolly (feat. Terrence Ngassa) Rating: 3/5
5.      The Sazerac Song Rating: 3/5
6.      Going Back to New Orleans Rating: 3/5
7.      Gum-Bo-Bah (ft Fredy Omar) Rating: 3/5
8.      That’s How You Got Killed Before Rating: 3/5
9.      From a Logical Point of View Rating: 4/5
10.  Tiger Rag Rating: 2.5/5
11.  Max the Knife Rating: 3/5
12.  A Jazz Musician’s Life Rating: 3/5
13.  They Call Him Zigaboo Rating: 3/5
14.  Angelina- Zooma Zooma Rating: 3/5
15.  Petite Fleur Rating: 4/5


  1. Flying Home

Flying Home is exactly what you’d expect from a band called Sazerac Swingers. The jazz-swing vibe is unmistakable, as is the New-Orleans-related nostalgia.

  1. La Vampirita (ft. Fredy Omar)

A smooth, folksy number with riveting vocals. Just the track to dance to!

  1. Alligator in My Garden Shed

Alligator in My Garden Shed is an artfully composed, easy song to listen to. The vocals give good company to the spellbinding piano, followed by violin solo.

  1. Hello, Dolly (feat. Terrence Ngassa)

This song is raspier, edgier but no less of a pleasure to listen to. The instrumentation complements it nicely, setting a peculiarly captivating ambience.

  1. The Sazerac Song

This track takes you to the dance floor, with its catchy chorus and elegant melody. The tune is hummable, and may stick with you beyond the duration of the track.

  1. Going Back to New Orleans

A peppier track, that gets you pumped up. The arrangement paves way for foot-tapping instrumentation, though the song as a whole doesn’t particularly stand out.

  1. Gum-Bo-Bah (feat. Fredy Omar)

Gum-Bo-Bah is playful and catchy, with familiar piano segments. The instrumentals blend really well, with vocals that feel very country.

  1. That’s How You Got Killed Before

The track starts with a bang, with instrumentation to kill for. The vocals are consistent, and overall, it delivers.

  1. From A Logical Point of View

A track with a structure that adds to the tongue-in-cheek nature of the song. It’s difficult not to smile at the lyrics; “from a logical point of view/better marry a woman uglier than you.”

  1. Tiger Rag

While the song didn’t personally appeal to me, Tiger Rag is still a well crafted song. The vocals are raspy, and the track is edgier than most of the others in the album.

  1. Max the Knife

Max the Knife starts off as an orchestral piece only to be followed up by the vocals by Terrence. Fans of improvised versions of jazz may like this.

  1. A Jazz Musician’s Life

A groovy track with zingy vocals. The lyrics are easy on the ears, and the chorus portions are the icing on the cake.

  1. They Call Him Zigaboo

The album has its share of jazz funk in the form of They Call Him Zigaboo. The track appears more arranged, with a hint of R&B.

  1. Angelina- Zooma Zooma

Angelina is less of a classic jazz track. The drum patterns and tresilo rhythm makes its mark.

  1. Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur is an instrumental jazz track with a tinge of blues to its structure. It is a classic, unadulterated jazz fusion track.


Verdict: The band blends different genres with jazz, creating catchy tracks you can swing along to!

Picks of the album: Flying Home, From a Logical Point of View, Petite Fleur

Overall rating: 7/10