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Album : Item (2011) 

Artist   : Euphoria 

Genre : Hindi Rock

Item is stated to be the seventh studio album from the Indi Rock band Euphoria which mostly comprises of renditions of their music from their songs in previous albums with a matured and meaningful set of lyrics. Euphoria is one of those bands which still struggling to make their mark as an Indi Rock band, seems like they haven’t reached out to the crowd yet. I wouldn’t say the people are missing out a great deal of music too but atleast they will be able to appreciate the effort on listening to Euphoria’s songs. The band was first assembled by Palash Sen who is also the vocalist for the band, using his bollywood influence he even tried featuring their songs in a few movies but had gone unnoticed then he resorted to concerts and special appearances with bands like Strings & Junoon but in vain.

With the release of ‘Item’ and their single ‘C U Later’ being featured in VH1 and all let us see if the album can turn things around for the band , or if they have amalgamated something extra which we haven’t already heard in the name of ‘Indi Rock’?

Track Listing :

Song Rating
Ram Ali ★★★☆☆
C U Later ★★★★☆
Sajnaa ★★½☆☆
Mere Dost Mere Bhai ★★½☆☆
Gumsum ★★½☆☆
Jeene Do ★★½☆☆
Kabootar ★★★☆☆
Dukeli ★★½☆☆
Akela ★★½☆☆
Item ★★½☆☆

  1. Ram Ali

If one thing the band hasn’t learned even after releasing 6 studio albums it’s the fact that Palash Sen’s vocals is completely unfit for a ‘Indi Rock’ maybe for Bollywood songs he might be just fine, he hasn’t got any depth sometimes he sounds like a ghazal singer. In fact this track sounds like it’s the intro song for some bolly hero with the lyrics banking on religious equality. Not a good start, not a great song definitely not a rock song.

2. C U Later

A sudden change in all the aspects of the band’s performance within a song is remarkable, though the song sounds familiar and generic, Palash sounds more appealing and this song i should say has the feel of a rock song. The lyrics are well crafted with a fine balance of hindi and english, but gets sorely repetitive after sometime.

3. Sajnaa

Seriously all the albums should go through a genre screening regulations to see if they comply to the genre they claim to be. This is a shitty track not what you expect when you but a CD that says ‘Hindi Rock’. Folk is good but with a little fusion its better and Euphoria seem to have forgotten that’s whole idea !

4. Mere Dost Mere Bhai

I should honestly forget that it’s Euphoria I’m listening and start reviewing like it’s some movie album or an album released by a clambering singer trying to make a mark. Seriously unimpressive and boring to an extent, the music is just plain good not commendable though but lyrically impressive.

5. Gumsum

At the starting there are some promising sounds that tell you that this song may closely meet the expectations that is until Palash starts singing and takes it to a slow melodic trance if not for the drum beats in the BG it would be another bromidic tune. The guitar riffs are prominent here and there other than that there is nothing worth mentioning about the song. 

6. Jenee Do

Palash tries to play the rebellious lyrics card but instrumentally it still doesn’t work and his vocals get unbearable beyond a point that we should be shouting ‘mujhe jeene do’ instead of him in the song.Run away from this song while you still can don’t venture long into track till you regret it. 

7. Kabootar

Finally a change for the good, a brighter side of the album a fast paced track with heavy drum beats and furious guitar chuggings. Palash’s vocals can be sidelined considering the other components of the song. Don’t be deceived by the horrible attempt on a sinister laughter as the track starts.It’s worth a try and all this is i say keeping in mind the horrible things i have heard till now from the album. 

8. Dukeli

Simply put – WTF just happened?! A track for 37 seconds of humming after all this while? Not amusing !

9. Akele

This song is a beautiful piece of melody perfectly spoilt by Palash again trying too hard to sound right but then again i’ll listen to this when I wanna listen to a melody not when i’m hoping to write a review on a rock album! #Fail Aah, nearing the end, that unbound joy.

10. Item

Just when you thought you it couldn’t get any worse, you are proved wrong, this track was made just for the sake of it a song with the album’s title to it. The track is just peppy and crappy could have done without it.

Album ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆

Verdict : 

Oh the ordeal I had gone through I think it’s time the band retired and starts doing cameos in movies. Totally not worth buying the album for just one track ‘C U Later’ buy it from the iTunes.