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Movie Album Name : Ishaqzaade

Music Director: Amit Trivedi

Lyrics: Kausar Munir

Remember “Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu”. That was his most recent successful album. Amit trivedi joins the Yash raj film Banner this time to create magic again. Amit who teamed up with Amitabh Bhattacharya for his earlier works has chosen Kausar Munir who has earlier penned lyrics for songs in Tashan[Falak Tak] and Anjaana Anjaani. Amit known always for his innovative songs shows a lot of promise here. Let’s see what he has on offer for us.

Song Name



Chokra Jawan

Vishal Dadlani,Sunidhi Chauhan


Pareshaan (Remix)

Shalmati Kholgade, Abhijit Vaghan



Shalmati Kholgade


Jhalla Wallah (Remix)

Shreya Goshal,Ajinkya Iyer,Neumann Pinto


Jhalla wallah

Shreya Goshal



Javed Ali,Shreya Goshal


Aafaton ke parinde

Divya Kumar,Suraj Jaggan


1. Chokra Jawan

This one would make shake a leg for sure. The start sets the tone for the song as a peppy one. Sunidhi chauhan no doubt steals the show with her voice while Vishal complements the song with his raw voice. This is a fun song at the onset. The conversational style of the song is something that connects with the listeners. The lyrics are crowd puller and are sure to keep you hooked to the song for more than once. The percussion is varied in its use and upholds the mood of the song. Vishal I feel tries to replicate Adnan Sami here intentionally or unintentionally and he succeeds to a certain extent. His voice spells energy. This one suits the celebrations and the wedding times. The singers set the tempo for the song.

2. Pareshan (Remix)

Get ready to hit the dance floor with a fast paced groovy number. The Djing is commendable. The song makes you get lost in those fast lanes. The female voice of Shalmati syncs well with the instrumentals and the mixing without the slightest oddness. The fusion of flute and the electronics is awesome and refreshing to listen to. The background vocals add to the groovy tone of the song. The mixing is entertaining and has a lot of variety in it. Although Shamlati’s voice is melodious it is refreshing to hear it mixed and does stand out as a sore thumb at all. The DJ does no harm to the original sensuality and beauty of the song and only tries to enhance it. Credit should be given to Abhijit Vaghani for such a decorative work.

3. Pareshaan

The song starts off slowly and makes you want to hear more. Shalmati’s voice comes as a cool and calm morning breeze with its innocence. The electronics her voice at the beginning does no harm to the originality in her voice. The guitar gives a rock feeling to the song and shalmati’s voice changes track from innocence to rawness to complement the guitar works. The way Shalmati is able to switch the mood of her voice from rawness to innocence and back speaks volumes of her command over music. The tune of the song switches between slowish melody and hard hitting rock. This is also a refreshing new try by Amit. The harmonium in the background of a rock song backdrop is refreshing and a different try by Amit. The harmonium tracks are a must hear just because nobody has used the harmonium this way before with heavy guitar and heavier percussion. The lyrics are romantic. The tune tends to get repetitive towards the end and that serves to be only spoiler in an otherwise neat song. Shalmati can definitely give Shreya a run for her money.

4. Jhalla Wallah (Remix )

Dive in to the groovy version of a qawwali. The Background vocals in English change the tone of the song to suit a remix DJ version. The DJ displays his expertise by only spreading his mixing around shreya’s voice with no harm to her original voice. Shreya’s teasing voice doesn’t seem odd at all. Her melodious tone is still retained. The RAP in English is romantic in words. This one is sure to make you shake a leg for sure. At no point of the song will you find it boring. Sadly the DJ has left out the melodious note sung by Shreya towards the end of the original song. The harmonium is nowhere to be heard here and so is the qawwali nature of the original song. This is the original in a totally new avatar altogether. It would have been an added enhancement had a remixed version of the harmonium been added.

5. Jhalla Wallah

The start indicates a qawwali and then the melodiously correct voice of Shreya booms on. Her voice also sounds teasing and gorgeous which is not so often found in her songs. The lyrics are humorous and casual in tone and will definitely catch your attention. It is different and in parts silly too. The instrumentals are typical qawwali like and complement a qawwali the way they should. The harmonium is used to its best and adds to enhance the beauty of the song. This is definitely Shreya in an all new avatar because I have never heard Shreya singing such a song before. Shreya’s classical beauty comes out at least towards the end of the song albeit for just a few short seconds.

6. Ishaqzaade

The start is gradual,slow and interstingly with a trumpet. Javed ali’s voice is raw and refreshingly different with its ability to be melodious as well as rough enough to fit a rock song and fits the bill for the tune of this song. The song adds thump and energy. This one for a breezy drive on the highway. It has some hard hitting perscussion. The guitar work breaks the heavy tone of the song. The tune alternates between being serious and slowishly melodious. Just when you start getting bored with the repetitive tune and ask where the hell is Shreya in the picture her melodiously sweet voice hits you like a calm wind and although the male voice of Javed is heavy in parts her voice always remains sweet and pleasing. Many like me would have preferred to hear more of Shreya here. One is left yearning for more. Amit should have alternated both the voices from the very beginning. Although Shreya comes at the very end of the song she over shadows Javed’s magically strong voice. The song does lack variety in tune and tends to get repetitive. Amit might have been wise to limit the duration of the song by a minute. Too long a song with not lots to fill in terms of variety spoils its outlook.

7. Aafaton ke parinde

This one is fast paced song with some heavy violins at the start in the backdrop of some mixing. Suraj’s voice does the trick to turn this song into a heavier one. Although the lyrics get repetitive the variety in the background score and the fusion of traditional instrumentals with electronics does wonders in covering up that hitch. The voices are heavy and give a rock flavour to the song. All through the song there is a lot of mixing in the background and that sets the pace of the song. This one is sure to make to head bang at least a bit. Although it is not a out and out conventional rock number it does alternate between trance and rock. If you are not in the young age group chances are that you will feel the voices in the song a bit heavy on your ears. Take it as a disclaimer.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Verdict: A different album with songs that you will enjoy and even find yourself grooving to some.

Amit trivedi has done a clean job in most parts of the album with 5 original tracks. Except a few rough patches, the album does sail smoothly into your ears. He has been inventive as always while sticking to his trademarks. The trumpet, the bagpiper, the harmonium are some things that you are sure to find in Amit trivedi album and this one doesn’t disappoint you either. The selection of the right singers for the right songs is also managed properly by Amit. One would have expected a greater share for Shreya in the title song. Most of the songs are set with a backdrop of fun. This one is surely a crowd puller with songs like Jhalla Wallah and Chokra. The DJ versions are well crafted without any harm to the original essence to the song. Abhijit Vaghan does a fantastic job remixing the flute notes. Shalmati stands out with her voice and is sure to win accolades for her voice. Shreya has been tried on a Qawwali and does a nice job even there. Vishal should have been put on the last song Aafaton. Kausar has penned romantic words with fun being added wherever required especially with Jhalla wallah which is a must listen for its words. Amit sure has long way to go in entertaining us.