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Giving fans a blast of nostalgia, musicians Tomko/Marsh are making music history once again in the studio with their newest album that features tracks that are full of Funk, Jazz and Soul.

What can you tell us about the overall theme and inspirations for your new album?

The new album is full of melodies, harmonies and vocals…it’s those rarities that don’t seem to come up very much anymore in music!


Can you tell us a little about your creative process as a duo? 

We usually start off with a “hook” line and then map out the rhythm section. Until we have the melody and rhythm all worked out, the lyrics take a back seat.  To come up with the lyrics and vocals, that can be done in one take.

Will the new album be accompanied by a tour? If so, when and where?

Right now, we’re working hard and so no tours are scheduled for us, but life is full of surprises, so never say never.


How is your presence outside of America?  Do you have fans in other countries?

France is the only country we’re working in at this time as far as live performances, but we’re so excited to have devoted fans across the globe.

If you could each choose one artist (dead or alive) to perform with, who would it be?

Hands down, Van Morrison. He has charisma, killer guitar skills and I think our combined energy would be mind-blowing for an audience.

What is currently on your iPod?

No joke, 725 albums.  I listen to a lot of diverse music. Everything from Stanley Turrentine to Steely Dan.

When exactly will the new album be released? Where will fans be able to pick up a copy?

It’s available now on iTunes, so you can pick up your virtual copy at any time.

What do you see in store in the near future for Tomko/Marsh?

Our goal is a top ten radio play.  Also, we’re going to be hard at work again to make another CD. Perhaps, you’ll see our name as we switch things up and produce for another artist.

For more information, visit www.tomkomarsh.com