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We recently had the chance to sit down with Emmy Nominated Hip Hop Artist, T.O.N.E-z for a conversation about music, acting and life in general.  For the first Rapper/Hip Hop artist to ever receive an Emmy Nomination, we found him to be incredibly humble, forthcoming, and most of all true to his “family.”

There’s no doubt that while this rising star will keep headed in that direction.  The sky’s the limit for one of the great Hip Hop artists of our generation. Musicperk.com team got an opportunity to have an interview with T.O.N.E-z.

1.       Could you see yourself ever leaving NYC?


 2.       When do you think the Hip Hop movement started and where? 

 I believe it started in Africa, they were playing drums dancing chanting lyrics in rhythm. But in the USA everyone knows it started in the Bronx NY in the early 70’s.

 3.       What inspires you to write?

Life, everything about it, the gift that it is, the ups and downs and just the fact that we wake up every day and experience so many things; I have to put my experiences into music form.

4.       You are incredibly active with your fans via social media.  How do you maintain such a level of fan interaction with everything else you have going on and why do you place so much emphasis there?

 I don’t like to call them “fans” I prefer to call them “Family” but I thinks it’s very important to keep in contact with them. Most artists get a buzz or get their careers poppin and totally forget about the ones who got them there. I may not be able to connect with every single one of my fans/family but I try my best, it’s VERY IMPORTANT!

 5.       When you listen to the track that earned you and Emmy nomination, what goes through your head?

All I say to myself is “wow! it took me 20 minutes to put those lyrics together and look where I’m at now”..It’s a blessing!

 6.       What was it like to sing the lyrics to the song A Cappella on the set of Justified?

Oh that was AMAZING! The cast and crew members were all excited and I am a part of the show just as much as the actors and writers. I still freak out over the fact that I was on set spitting my rhymes A Capella… for a hip hop artist that’s just incredible!

 7.       The song and the Gangstagrass tracks that feature you in general play a huge role in Justified, with videos in box sets, etc.  Why do you think that is?

Well the “magic” that happened when Rench (producer) and I got together is what made the world fall in love with the songs. My vocals bring his music to life, He’s been doing music liek that for a long time, but when we got together that’s when the magic happened. He works with other artists but it’s no where near the same as when we work together.

 8.       What excites you about collaborations?

The difference in genre and just matching passions between myself and other artists of every musical background.

 9.       How did you get into acting and do you foresee acting playing a bigger role in your professional life in the coming years?

I’ve always been into acting I love it it started from the early tv shows I looked at as a kid: Cosby Show,21 Jump Street, plus movies with Eddie Murphy, Denzel Washington, and my favorite action actor Tom Cruise! Yes, I will be pursuing my acting until I win an oscar 🙂

 10.   Your new track, Sittin’ in My Room, has received great praise, tons of airplay and many people say they feel like they are right there with you when listening to the track.  How did you accomplish something so intimate?

Everything I put into my music comes directly from my heart and soul, once an artist just relaxes and doesn’t worry about radio and what people will think, their music is more real. I believe people can relate because it’s 100% real and 100% me.

 11.   You also just released a free mixtape, T.O.N.E-Zilla, for your fans.  Why do you feel that giving away your music is important?

 It’s my way of showing love to my fans/family and letting them know that it’s about the passion and love for music that keeps me doing what I do, plus they buy a LOT of my music so why not give them some freebees to say THANK YOU.

 12.   You’ve mentioned your musical influences many times including Michael Jackson and Jay-Z.  What about acting influences?

Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Rober De Niro, Jodi Foster.

 13.   If there’s anything you wish fans knew about you, what would it be?

I hate milk!! 😉

T.O.N.E-z is professionally managed by Grit, LLC. If you’re interested in booking him, or for any information, please contact info@gritpr.com