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Starting from being a radio jockey, Suchitra Karthik Kumar aka Suchi has come a long way to become one of the leading singers today. Musicperk presents an exclusive interview with Suchi.

1) Leaving a software job and entering into RJing would have been a daring attempt to make. Were you supported enough or was it a tough phase?

Yes, for an MBA grad, to leave a high-profile IT job was tough, but I was bored and radio seemed like fun. My family was initially apprehensive, but they trusted my decision.

2) Your popular TV show and the few cameo roles you have done, show you are comfortable in front of camera. Do you consider doing more of these in the future? If so, are there any upcoming projects?

Well I just did a one-off episode of Koffee with Suchi…Don’t know about the future!

3) How did your first song happen? How was the whole experience?

First real ‘song’ was ‘ennai polave’ from ‘Laysa Laysa’. I dont recall exactly, but I thought I was just doing some track portions for chitra ma’am. Didn’t think my voice would get used in the final song.

4) Your song from Komaram Puli,  ‘Maham maye’ with AR Rahman was a rage. How was it to work with him?

Quite amazing. I was sitting on pins till he heard all the takes and then turned around and said ‘sounding good, man!’. It was also special because I recorded the song on his birthday – Jan 6.

5) Among Indian and foreign singers, who do you idolize?  And, who do you feel has great potential among the current singers?

AR Rahman is my most favorite ever singer. I honestly like it when music directors sing their songs as their voices have a lot of character and soul. I also adore RD Burman’s voice. Among other artists, I like Coldplay, The Beatles and Sting.

6) What is your take on reality shows?

I still haven’t seen a gripping reality show yet. All the reality shows I see today are a little too melodramatic.

7) Voice is your biggest asset. Do you adopt any strict regimen to keep it intact?

Yes, I do yoga and pranayama, and keep phone conversations short.

8 ) Being a dubbing artist, do you feel dubbing as a profession needs greater recognition?

Not really. The beauty of dubbing is its anonymity. If dubbing artists start getting publicized, you’ll imagine their faces instead of focussing on the movie, when you hear a ‘recognizable’ voice.

9) You must be travelling to different places, be it for recording or live shows. How do you manage to spend time at home, especially post marriage?

I do get a lot of time to spend at home. All my recordings, events, gigs etc. are all pretty well spaced… At least, as of now!

10) Pick a genre that you are most comfortable at and a genre you would love to explore…

Comfort zone would be Pop. But am beginning to enjoy singing light classical a lot.

11) Do you plan on any private albums in the near future?

Yes. I’ve just signed a deal with Virgin Records, but the details are confidential right now.

12) Finally, one advice that you would give to budding singers

Every opportunity to sing is an opportunity you should grab with both hands. Whether it is at a wedding, or among friends, in front of a mike or on stage, no opportunity is inferior.