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We got a chance to interview the rising country star – Stacy Burk. Here are the excerpts of the interview: 

1. Can you share with us the inspiration behind the title of your new album “Keep Your Dreams Alive”

I used to work at Boys and Girls Ranch and I used to teach them how to ride and train horses. I was teaching them to go for their dreams, but soon felt like a hypocrite when I realized I wasn’t going after mine. I decided to leave the ranch and be a true example and go after my life long dream. One of the boys at the ranch wrote me a very kind letter when I left and the last thing he said on the letter was “Keep Your Dreams Alive”. It stuck with me.


 2. What is your favorite song on the new album and why?

 “Everywhere I Go”, because of it’s beautiful sentimental lyrics. He is traveling across the country and seeing these beautiful sites, but none of them compares to the beauty and waking up to her.

 3. What artist do you think you model your career after?

 I’d say a combination of Keith Urban and George Strait.

4. You have a very engaged fans base on social media. What is the best thing your fans have done for you?

The fans encouraging words have meant a lot to me.

5. We love your music video for “Till Your Boots Are Dirty”. Can we expect a new one soon?

I loved doing “Till Your Boots Are Dirty”, but unfortunately, videos cost lots of money. Since I am an independent artist, it will probably be a little while before I can afford another video.

6. What was the first album you ever purchased?


 7. What was the last song that you were singing to on the radio?

  “Come a Little Closer” by Blake Shelton

 8. What has been the hardest part so far in your music career?

To compete in the music industry costs lots of money and is a lot of work. It takes true grit and determination to keep going to make it in this industry and is probably one of the toughest careers there is.

 9. Will you be touring soon?

 Yes, we are currently working on that now and starting next spring; things should be ramping up pretty well.

 10. What is next for Stacy Burk?

My single “Mix a Little”, is doing pretty well on the charts. I will probably be releasing my next single the first part of next year.