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Prajakta Shukre is back on the television. This time it’s the MTV Coke Studio! That’s right – the AR Rahman episode. We managed to catch up with Prajakta post her Coke Studio work and here are the excerpts of our interview.


MP: We first saw you way back in Indian Idol 1 in 2004-05 & we you now along with the AR Rahman Team in Coke Studio in 2013! How has your life changed over these years?

Prajakta: Life has definitely changed. It was because of Indian Idol that I got lot of exposure . Got opportunity to meet so many new people around the World. Got to know the how Bollywood works. People now recognize me and that’s a wonderful feeling 🙂

MP: How is it working with AR Rahman? Are there any incidents you would like to share working with the maestro?

Prajakta: Well! I don’t think I will be able to put it in words – the feeling about working with maestro AR Rahman. It’s a dream come true for me! I always wished to see how he conceptualises and produces his music. I always used to wonder how he creates this magic through his music ! Thanks to Coke studio for the opportunity through which I could not just see the making of the songs but also be a part of it!

MP: When did you decide singing would become your career?

Prajakta: It just happened…The credit goes to my parents – they are the ones who could see music in me. My mom is a music teacher herself, so I was able to grasp the basics quickly. She has a beautiful voice. I got my formal training from Dr. Ram Deshpande in Mumbai. I then used to learn from Tapsi Nagraj in Jabalpur. I currently learn from Archana Kanhere.

MP: How did your passion for

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singing start?

Prajakta: My home always had music playing, I grew up in a musical atmosphere . I used to participate in competitions everywhere I lived – Khandwa, Khargaon, Dhar and Jabalpur. My dad bought me a walkman when I was in class 6th, I used to listen to music and I used to practice by listening to it. My passion in music only kept increasing as I grew up.

MP: Was placing in Indian Idol the pivotal point in your life or was there something else prior?

Prajakta: Yes, it was the Indian Idol!

MP: What was your reaction when Rahman Sir called you?

Prajakta: If was through Rapport Global Events that I got to know that I am selected. I was waiting for the day when I will see ARR sir ! He is Divine. I still cannot stop smiling when I think about it.

MP: How do you physically, emotionally, and mentally prepare before recording a song?

Prajakta: I try to be at ease.

MP: What qualities do you like in a music director?

Prajakta: A great music director is always involved in his/her song. They are patient with the singers while the recordings are on. He/she understands the song(a singer needs to do that as well) – they are extremely passionate about their songs.

MP: What type of genres do you enjoy listening to?

Prajakta: I enjoy listening to all kinds of Genre/music. It depends a lot on the mood.

MP: When you’re not singing, are listening to music, or are there times of day you spend away from music?

Prajakta: Yes. The majority of my day is in music. I also love reading. I love to spend time with my family and friends. I love watching movies!

MP: What is your opinion of the new trend in music to rely heavily on drums and electronics?

Prajakta: It’s just a trend, so it keeps changing! Once audience is bored, we will be back to melody oriented songs .

MP: Do you wish to see, or rather hear more vocal, violin, or classical aspects?

Prajakta: Absolutely!

MP: Thanks for your time Prajakta! We wish you all the best in your future singing endeavors and looking forward to hearing you again.

Prajakta: Thanks to you too for your time and these questions. May God bless us all.

That’s Prajakta Shukre for you, guys ! Stay tuned for our next interview.