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Bio – Noiseware is an Indian Metal band which is growing popular day-by-day. Check out their entire bio here.

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The band would be performing next at Reprise @ Lokamanya Tilak College of Engineering on April 6, 2013. Check out the event preview here.

Musicperk presents an exclusive and interactive interview with the Guitarists Adhiraj (who is also one of the founders of the band) and Aniket. Read on and also don’t miss their video playlist in the end.

Noiseware - Promo Pic (Credit Roycin D' Souza)

1.     What is the story behind the start of NOISEWARE?

Adhiraj: Noiseware was formed in 2009, when me and Gautam had just moved on from another band we were playing with prior to the same. We had a specific musical style we wanted to go in for and thankfully found the right people for the same!

2.     Tell us a bit more about each of you?

Adhiraj: Uhh tricky (Laughs)! There’s a fair bit to know, so all you folks reading this, come say hi to us at one of our shows!

Aniket: I’d say we’re a pretty diverse bunch of peope. Me & Aman have been in Pune all our lives, while Adhiraj, Bob and Gautam have moved around, but eventually settled here. Me and Bob are still in college, while Aman, Adhiraj and Gautam are working full time on their own ventures.

3.     Who is your inspiration?

Adhiraj: I think our inspirations are pretty varied and I think they are lesser to do with other bands necessarily and just generally everything in life.

Aniket: Personally, my inspirations have kept changing. I’d have to say it was bands like Trivium, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Foo Fighters, etc. really got me into playing guitar seriously. But today, inspiration is just plainly everything I hear – music & otherwise. I hardly stick to listening to one style of music. Everything is so appealing, and so everything I hear is inspirational. There are so many talented people out there!

4.     Why Metal? 

Adhiraj: We listen to all forms of music and don’t really have any biases but I think we connect with Metal at a good level musically which drives us to create music in the same vein.

Aniket: Why not Metal? (Laughs) Metal is the reason I even picked up the guitar in the first place. It also probably the only style that I think I can play consistently well. So it was a natural choice with Noiseware.  Musically, I think metal is a very complex and broad form of music. If there is innovation in music today, it’s in metal. That’s one of the biggest draws for me. There’s no limits to pushing the boundaries here, and that’s great.

5.     What do you think of the ‘heavy metal’ fan base in India? Huge? Rapidly increasing?

Adhiraj: I’d say listenership is increasing but nobody turns up for the shows (Laughs)!

Aniket: This one is difficult to answer. I have always thought of India having huge potential as a metal audience. Iron Maiden in Bangalore was groundbreaking. At that point, the sky was the limit. People were thirsty. Cut to 2012-13, which I think was the peak for metal, in terms of the sheer number of artists that played in India in that time, and you have seemingly popular bands coming down and playing to abysmal turnouts. Heck, a whole bunch of massive festivals and shows were cancelled because of a lack of interest shown. Since then, I think it’s safe to say that people overestimated the Indian Metal fan base. It’s definitely there, but maybe not as big as we thought?

6.     Metal forever or do you guys have any idea of exploring other genres as well?

Adhiraj: I think Noiseware will primarily be a metal band but we experiment with various other styles that we like personally and I think those will definitely feature on our material in some capacity in time to come. We don’t really restrict ourselves and definitely aren’t metal purists.

Aniket: Absolutely not! In fact, we are already exploring new ideas. Right now, most of us aren’t even listening to metal on a regular basis. Of course, we all love listening to and playing metal and it’s the binding force between all of us, but we are definitely looking at incorporating new sounds and ideas. There’s no limit. Like I said, that’s what I love about metal. So while we will always be rooted in metal, we are always looking for new directions.

7.     Do you want to have a Bollywood connection at any point in the future?

Adhiraj: I don’t think we’d be the right people for the job! Unless they specifically want something which fits our style, I don’t see it happening. We create our own music for the love of it and will always continue to do so!

Aniket: Sure! Why not. If someone likes what we do, I think we’d definitely be interested in some sort of collaboration. Added bonus is that Bollywood is exposure unparalleled!

8.     Shed some light on your first full length album? 

Adhiraj: It’s been long coming (Laughs)! But things are definitely in motion in full speed and we should be able to put it out by the end of this year for sure.

Aniket: The full length is still in the building stage right now, but things are slowly taking shape. We are really pushing ourselves to write fresh original music, and aren’t limiting ourselves to anything. That makes the songwriting process a little tedious and time-consuming, which means we can’t really put a finger on when the release would be, but I would say tentatively towards the end of 2013. I really think what we are creating will be worth the wait!

9.     Among the five tracks on your debut EP ‘Wake up and soar’, pick your favourite?

Adhiraj: (Laughs) Its rather tricky picking a favorite. I think I’d pick 23 because it’s fun to play!

Aniket: Tough one. It would probably be 23. That was the first song that was created as a band, with everyone’s input. It’s also got pretty much all the elements that defined the sound of the EP, and is really built well. For me, It is the best song to play live. Though it did win the 2011 Rolling Stone Metal Award for Best Metal Song, so maybe I’m being a bit biased! 😉

10.  Give us three major factors behind your success story.

AdhirajI’m not sure if we can be called one yet. We’re still on the way and it’s a pretty fun journey if I may say so (Laughs).

Aniket: I don’t think we are successful yet, but we have gotten where we are because of sticking together and working hard. We  all take our lives outside the band seriously, and I think that has brought stability, which is what a lot of bands in India lack. We all also work really hard individually to make  Noiseware shows something sonically and visually worth watching again and again. Add to that a group of six guys (including Kaushik, our manager)  who can successfully spend a overnight bus journey crammed in a compartment meant for two, and you’ve got your success story!

11.  Were there any hurdles along your journey? How did you cope with them?

Adhiraj: I think hurdles are a part and parcel of it and will always be..our approach to coping with any hurdle is the same – take it headfirst. We don’t really get tied down if something goes wrong..if there’s a problem, there will be a solution!

Aniket: Yes, a lot of them. I don’t think any band in India has had it easy. It’s a small scene, there are bound to be obstacles. But like I said above, that’s how we coped with it all.

12.  You were the first band in the country to use eight string electric guitars; any more firsts coming up?

Aniket: (Laughs) Maybe. We are not limiting ourselves to anything right now, so you never know!

13.  There are plenty of languages in India; willing to experiment with some of the Indian languages perhaps?

Adhiraj: I think we primarily think in English so will continue to write in English. We do converse in Hindi but I don’t think we’d do justice to our writing if we wrote in hindi or anything other language for that matter.

Aniket: Again, why not. There is nothing holding us back from anything. The EP was English, but had a song with a Hindi title. We all also happen to be from all over the country, so we have a treasure trove of languages to choose from!

14.  If you want one thing to uniquely represent/identify Noiseware, what do you want it to be?

Adhiraj: (Laughs) Haha the questions keep getting tougher. I dunno..5 honest musicians?

Aniket: For me, it would be two things. The music, and the lives shows.

15.  You have a lot more recognition now. How has that changed things since the time you guys started in mid 2009?

Adhiraj: Mainly we’ve come a long way as musicians and obviously as a band as well. The main difference would probably be the ever growing fan base and how receptive they are at shows. We’ve had some incredible support from our fans are grateful to every single one of them for the same.

Aniket: Ah not much! We are still the same band. Except instead of playing any competition we could get as in 2009, we now headline gigs. Then and now, it’s the same on stage.

16.  What is your ultimate goal you want to achieve in the near future?

Adhiraj: Don’t have one really..pretty much take things as they come! But if I were to pick one..it’d be putting out the album by the year end for sure.

Aniket: Make good music and have fun on stage!

17.  Anything you want to tell to people who dream of starting their own bands?

Adhiraj: Keep it simple, keep it honest and work your butts off! There are no secrets or short cuts..as you sow, so shall you reap.

Aniket: Make good music and have fun on stage! And apart from that, stick it out, and keep your ego at home.

18.  Tell something to the NOISEWARE fans out there.

AdhirajAn easy question (Laughs). We love you, each and everyone of you! You guys are the band and a solid reason for us to keep it going and push our limits. Thank you,  thank you all!

Aniket: Thank you so much for all the love. You guys are sexxxiest people ever.

19.  What do you think of Musicperk?

Adhiraj: I think Musicperk is a great initiative! A very intuitive website and whats great is that the focus is on just Music. It doesn’t matter if you’re metal or folk or pop..they have it all!

Aniket: The site looks really interesting! I’m glad you guys are covering all forms of Indian music, from Bollywood to Tamil to Indie and Metal. Much appreciated! I also quite liked the tiled interface on the home page. Rad! 

Noiseware is:

Aman Virdi – Vocals
Adhiraj Singh – Guitars
Aniket Patni – Guitars
Bob Alex – Bass
Gautam Deb – Drums