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Interview with New York Hip-Hop Entrepreneur C.E.D.


With the upcoming release of his new EP Hustler’s Haven, and single tracks playing across the airwaves nationwide, C.E.D. (Cash Every Denomination) takes a moment from his busy schedule to answer a few questions about life, his new EP, and knowledge.

You initially pursued a modeling career before you started your music endeavors; were there aspects of the modeling industry that you applied to the hip-hop world?

As a commercial print and TV model, I learned to work with others under pressure while remaining creative. Once I began the pursuit for my “break” in the music industry, I learned that confidence and rejection go hand and hand in this business. It is important to believe in yourself and your craft when creating music.

Your name CED — Cash Every Denomination, definitely makes a strong statement. How did you come up with the name? 

When I use to hangout on the “Ave” in Dyckman, fellas called me “Ced” which is short for Cedric. Cash Every Denomination was a name I created from the acronym C.E.D.  Anybody who strives to be successful should have the right to make and receive “Cash Every Denomination.”

You have a number of tracks out, one in particular called Ingredients of Life. So what’s your recipe for success in such a demanding yet rewarding industry?

Everyone is looking for the next “hit” or that “new sound”, and at Kaos Records we want the artist to feed off their own creativity and then share the concept with fans and music lovers. That is the method I used when creating “The ingredients of Life.” 

Nowadays, with the constant pressures from society, growing up seems like more of a challenge than ever before, how do you encourage the youth to follow their dreams even under these tough circumstances?

 Educate yourself. That is the key to survival. Whatever job or career you aspire to obtain…”Do your homework.” If you want to be a musician, teacher, doctor, lawyer or mechanic…you have to learn before you can earn. My mother and father instilled the importance of an education and I agree with them.  With computer technology advancing at such a fast pace, it is mandatory to stay on point with what is new.

 C.E.D.’s new EP will be available throughTunecore on July 25th, 2012. Until then, listen for the singles as they heat up your airwaves.

For more information about C.E.D., please visitwww.kaosrecordsllc.com.

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