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Music Composer M.S Jones is a happy man these days. Having been critically acclaimed for his debut work ‘Poriyaalan’, he interacts with Siddharth.K of Musicperk. com and shares his experiences of working in the film, where his journey started and many more interesting things. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Where did the music journey start exactly?

It started from the days when I was 7 years old. During my schooling, I started participating in many music competitions and I started learning carnatic music too. My master was Nagarajan sir and he taught me both carnatic as well as cine music.

How did ‘Poriyaalan’ happen?

Poriyaalan happened because of Harish Kalyan, the hero of the movie. We had met while we were working for short films. Harish suggested me to give auditions for Poriyaalan. I showed them my samples and the makers were impressed with that. Later, Manimaaran sir gave me a homework and asked me to work on a tune for a situation.

Since so many directors were associated with the project in one way or the other, how was the freedom while working for the movie?

I had full freedom while composing the tunes. During composition, they used to sit with me and give me valuable suggestions. They gave me a very good platform to explore and make music.

G.V Prakash who is a composer in his own has sung a song for you in ‘Poriyaalan’. How was the experience of working with him?

He is a very humble and friendly person. It was Vetrimaaran’s idea to make him sing ‘Kan Rendum’. The tune was a melody with a ghazal touch to it. When he came to the studio to record the song, he asked me to sing the tune roughly and he was okay with the tune. He saw the notes and sang it exceedingly well. After singing, he gave me certain tips and it was very comfortable working with him.

How different is working on feature films after working on short films?

Working in feature films gives us a wide space to experiment but every minute detail has to be taken into account as wider audience are going to be watching your work. In short films, there was a liberty to use more live instruments. Both type of films have their own speciality.

Do you feel the modern trends in music like auto-tuning spoil the essence and originality of the song?

Well, it all depends on the song. There are certain genres and songs which require the help of technology and some genres don’t need technology at all. I would say technology should be used wherever it is required and it is always a 50-50 tradeoff.

What are your future projects?

Talks are going on right now. By next month, it will be announced and I hope to do music according to the demands of the script.

How do you want to see yourself in five years from now?

I want to continue making good music and promote live instruments through my music. I feel every musician should give a little more emphasis on using live instruments in their music