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“Mamiboys” the Indo-Sin Music Artists are the new breed of musicians changing the independent music scene in South Asia. Signed to Independent label, M-Boyz Recordz, CEO and Rapper Krisheno, Vocalists Kevi-J and Bardy, Guitarist Diego, and record Producer Jude Niranjan, have performed numbers for South Indian Blockbusters such as “Orange”, “Thottupaar” and “Bindaas” and worked with an array of musicians like Harris Jayaraj, Srikkanth Deva and many more. Recently they scored for the short film, Roadside Ambanis which swept the “Best Film” awards in the Norway Tamil Film Festival.
Here are the excerpts from the Musicperk exclusive interview with Krisheno, the rapper from the band.
1. Tell us how Mamiboys is different from the other bands?
Mamiboys production style is very much different since we consists of band members from Singapore and India, we produce our songs including composing, tuning and song writing over the Internet with the help of Apps. We are a Digital Band or you could call us the Cloud artists since we do most of production works on the cloud. This is one of the different features of the band when compared to other bands.
2. Who is your inspiration/role model in music?
A R Rahman, Michael Jackson
3. You have performed in Singapore and in India, can you please share your experience and the audience response in both these places?
Singapore audiences are lesser expressive than the Indian crowd. With the Singapore audience its more to the brand first, song next. What I mean is that the artist has to be recognized, known well and then the songs are heard and shared. In India, its as long as the song is good they do not care who is the artist. They give their support and love for the song. So in Singapore its branding more to product and in India its completely product. In India we have more love for our songs than in Singapore and we just love the Indian Audience.
4. Can you share the experience on Mamiboys team visiting A R Rahman’s studio?
Wonderful. We actually were planning on an album that point of time so we wanted to do the production in A M Studios. That was about 6 years back. Then we decided to hold back the album for some time and finally today we have Dum Tea ready. The studio was amazing with fantastic equipments and of course we would like to mention A R Rahman’s sound engineer, Mr Siva who is really a wonderful man with so much of experience and has helped us so much in terms of knowledge.
5. Tell us a few things about your upcoming album Dum Tea (emphasis on tsunami penne and title track.
Dum Tea is a melodic explosion. Total of 7 tracks with 5 Melodies, melody lovers will enjoy a feast. The album has already gotten some good reviews before release and one of which has come from SONY Music India, Associate Director, Mr Ashok Parwani so listeners can expect a full flexed explosion. On top of this, the title song “Dum Tea” has been written in the tea shop of Chennai. We have named the album after the song name “Dum Tea”. One more highlight of the album is the melody “Tsunami Penne” which we have produced in Apple new Ipad and 20 over Apps with special mobile programmers from Malaysia and Singapore. This song is the most expensive production in the whole album and we are sure listeners will be loving it.
6. How do social media help in promoting artists?
Social Media is the extreme power of artists nowadays. Without which it will not be possible to reach a mass audience at one time and it will not be possible to get your songs heard by listeners. For example if traditional methods such as Radio, Television and Press are not within the scope, then without Social media there is no way any artist stands a chance to get heard. And Social Media lets a musician produce music without any restriction.
7. What are the issues that an emerging artist faces today?
Mainstream promotion like chances for Airplay in Radio for album songs is minimal. Other than mainstream promotion, there are a lot of competitions and since there are a wide range of music bands out there, getting the listeners is a harder task than before.
8. Is there a suggestion from your side regarding these issues?
Concentrate more on Social Networks for promotion and if mainstream is needed, then think on different ways of promotion and try to use traditional methods minimum.
9. You have collaborated with music directors like Harris Jeyraj and Srikanth Deva. Are there plans to concentrate on film music in the future?
We have no plans specifically that we want to only do in films or in self produced albums. We want to produce music which brings a smile to the listeners so if its going to be in films we would love to.
10. Tell us about some of your future plans. What can the listeners expect?
Listeners can expect different styles of music from us in future. Now we are more into pop, western and melody songs. In the future we are planning to venture into other styles like kuthu, rock and more different styles.
11. What is your personal view about MusicPerk?
Its a great website providing support to artists. Further more i would like to highlight that they were the first website to recognize our song “Reena I Love You” which has gained so much of listeners.
12. Is there anything else that you would like to add?
Stay tuned at www.dumtea.com or www.facebook.com/mamiboys for the release date and more news and info on the album “Dum Tea” availability.