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We recently had a chance to talk to teen sensation LexRox about her new single, video and “Go All In” attitude.  Here’s what she had to share with Musicperk.com

What can you tell us about the overall theme and inspiration for your new album, Go All In?

My new single, “Go All In”, is about trying your best in everything you do. “Go All In” came from a friend of mine who said that he could do everything better than me just because he’s a boy. Being a rebel that I am, I took his challenge and I thought this would be a great song to make!


Can you tell us a little about your songwriting process? What kind of influence does your new album’s producer, Rodney Alejandro, have on your songwriting?

My producer, Rodney Alejandro, and I always go into the studio with a positive attitude. Right when we get into the studio, he grabs the guitar and starts to play while I hum different melodies. After that, we come up with a theme to help us find lyrics for the song. Rodney has been such an influence on my music because he’s a hard worker and works 24/7. He’s definitely a perfectionist and wants everything to be perfect! Seeing how he works all the time and puts so much effort into my music makes me want to work as hard or harder than him.

How do you balance your career with other obligations of teenage life; friends, family, school, etc.?

Balancing my career with school, family, friends, etc. is difficult, but time management is everything. Outside of school and singing, I love to play volleyball and dance. My schedules are always super busy! I sometimes have several activities in one day. Singing is my passion and I know that I sometimes have to sacrifice hanging out with my friends on weekends, but in the end it’s worth it!

Will the new album be accompanied by a tour? If so, when and where?

I would love to go on tour, sign me up! We are working on that portion as we complete the new album. But hopefully I can be touring enough to miss a few days school. LOL!

How is your presence outside of America? Do you have fans in other countries?

I have a lot of fans from outside of the US, such as Mexico, Canada, and over to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Philippines. I love having fans from outside of the country because maybe one day I can travel on tour around the world and get to meet those fans in person! By then perhaps I can learn some new languages and be able to share with the audiences.

If you could choose one artist (dead or alive) to perform with, who would it be?

If I could perform with anyone it would be Chris Brown and Beyonce. I saw Chris Brown perform at the Billboard Music Awards and his performance was outstanding! It was my favorite performance of that night! He had so much energy and it was cool that his movement could be read to the back of the arena. I know his more R&B but maybe we could do a pop/rock collaboration, you never know!

What is currently on your iPod?

On my iPod, I have a different variety. I have songs from the 80’s and 90’s to country to rap to pop… Pretty much everything! I am huge fan of music, so really anything that’s out now I have.  It’s nice having music on my IPod that can connect with my mood.

What can you tell us about the new video for Go All In?

Yes, that was so much fun to make. We filmed the “Go All In” video at a friend’s house.  Rodney and I, came up with the storyline about my experience. One of the most fun scenes to film was the boxing one. I had this serious boxing robe, like a real fighter.  Then my opponent and I fought with gigantic plastic boxing gloves!  The video is full of playful challenges and there’s a special surprise at the end!

When exactly will the new album be released? Where will fans be able to pick up a copy?

My new album will be out around October, you can follow the progress on my website at www.LexRox.com. It will be released worldwide via iTunes, Amazon.com and other digital services.

What do you see in store in the near future for LexRox?

I will be performing with The Wanted and Karmin for 98.5 KLUC’s Summer Jam on Sunday June 17th at the M Hotel by the pool. I am in the process of securing a couple of endorsement deals, working with an agent to book some concerts, and best of all making new music.

Check out the video for “Go All In” Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4U4yRcxThY

And visit: www.lexrox.com for more information