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We managed to catch up with Bryan Tan, CEO of Lakefront records for an exclusive interview. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

1. How did you start Lakefront records and why? Where does the name come from?

Through my previous job scope as an audio engineer, I was working with really amazing talent, and realized that they were just not getting the exposure they deserved. Asian talent in some cases, are under exposed internationally in my opinion, so this was an obvious gap that I felt needed to be filled.

I was looking for an office around an area that was facing a Lake and a friend of mine- Ridzuan Hamid suggested the name – Lakefront Records.

2. What does Lakefront look for in a potential artist or band?

Lakefront Records believes in authenticity. This is a theme that shapes business decisions, the type of artistes we decide

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to sign, and people we collaborate with. To be offered a recording contract with Lakefront Records means not only having outstanding talent, but to be able to contribute back to society in a meaningful way – this means each track released must contain all three elements of being able to inspire,excite and relate emotionally with the listeners.

3. How would you describe the current state on the music industry?

From a label’s perspective, I would describe the current state of the music industry as being at a crossroads between the need to manufacture or develop an Artist.

Artist that are manufactured, while this sometimes makes good business sense, it usually lacks depth, is often detrimental to the artiste, industry and therefore short lived.

In my opinion, artistes need to be developed to reach the international level of production quality and presence. I believe that this process is extremely important and music without collaboration is meaningless.

So having an artist work with producers and co-composers or cowriters will help them reach their highest potential, and the rippling effect of artist with substance will propel the music industry to greater heights.


4. How does it feel to have one of your duo the Chrome Cats, currently charting on Billboard Indicator?

I have seen them grow and mature over the past 3 and a half years, to see them on the charts truly does make me very proud of what we have been able to accomplish together.

5. What does US Billboard success mean for a Malaysian based label?

The US Billboard Charts dominates the radio waves of almost every single country. As an independent label based in Malaysia, competing alongside the likes of RCA , Island Def Jam , Capitol Records means that we as a label are moving in the right direction and being able to lay the ground work for other independent labels from this region who want to expose their Artist internationally is a huge honor .

6. How did you come to find the Chrome Cats?

While researching online, I stumbled upon Chrome Cats on MySpace and fell in love with a number of their tracks. After sending a Facebook message to them, we were in chats, going through the whole Lakefront Record regime of ensuring the artistes met our standards, and months later, we signed them. A true Hollywood story really, but also goes to show that we should not be or feel limited by our physical boundaries. I have actually never been to the US nor met the Chrome Cats in person.

7. What advice would you give to someone starting their own record label?

Always have a Vision and a purpose as to what you want your label and artist to achieve in the music Industry and engage producers and song writers best suited to represent the artist’s creativity.

8. What is to come in 2014 for Lakefront? Are you seeking new artists to sign?

Next up is getting our other artist through the portal to the US Billboard Charts, building fan base, securing endorsements and touring. Of course we are continually improving and learning, as we are charting alongside the majors, we need to step up to the plate to compete.

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