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One Step at a Time : Interview with KC Jockey

By Melissa Arditti 

KC Jockey is one of the brightest R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop stars that the industry has seen in years, and his talents do not just stay with music. He is also very well-known in the film industry, and yes, that fresh face has also been sought out by modeling agencies. His humanitarian efforts cannot be overlooked either, as he uses his stardom to get out messages of hope and change for society, especially his dedication to changing the often cruel fate of women’s lives who have suffered abuse.

I must say that during my interview with KC, I was quite impressed by how passionate he is about making a difference in the world.  Below you can enjoy the interview:

 1. You recently had a role in the film “American Gangster” I’m sure everyone has asked what it was like to work with Denzel, but how was the dynamics working with other recording artists like Common and T.I?

Yes it was a great experience being on set with all of them.  I had to adapt to working at the same level with major icons in the business who are so well known. In the end, we all brought talent to the table. They were down to earth and humble on the set. I have much respect for T.I and Denzel Washington—it all was great and I am thankful that I was a part of it all.

2. Now that you’ve been given free range to travel anywhere your heart desires, what place are you just itching to go and visit, as well as even try to perform at?

Well I am about to travel to Dubai very soon for various purposes including work. I love to travel and it’s been long awaited but I feel that I was put on hold by God until this time while my songs were being recorded and now charting.  I wasn’t able to enjoy the success and perform for the world before; Now I am ready and much more mainstream—which is where I feel I should be.

3. In your new track “Girl You’re Free” you address the issue of domestic violence against women.  It seems like you have such an appreciation and respect for females. What made you feel so passionate about this cause?

I lost my Mom and it hurts to lose such a part of my backbone. So I know all females are powerful and much stronger than us men in various ways. They put up with us through a lot of things that we men would not dare put up with. Also I have seen many people go through domestic violence including family friends and even my own people– verbally, physically, and mentally. I believe from the heart that when we learn to respect our females, the world will be a better place to live and appreciate. I am still learning, so I am not perfect, but first and foremost respect is the key and the first step. Also I am in the lane of writing more songs based on reality and not fantasy; songs about the true world, not the false one. Songs that people can feel.

4. What’s next for you in 2012 ?

What’s in store for 2012 is infinite as I work on my new 6-track EP to be released later this year. As I write, I am thinking about females having broken hearts, and just relationships and issues in life we all go through and can relate to. I am also excited that there will be videos for every track on the EP, the first one being for the single “Girl You’re Free,” which is #19 on the UK club charts and doing extremely well here in the USA.

I want to thank Musicperk.com for taking the time to interview me and learn more about my career and what’s in store.  Watch for my EP and Videos and you can visit me at my website


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