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Bio: Grimmortal, a Deathcore band from Navi Mumbai formed in the summer of 2009. It started when Joy (Guitars), Deep (Vocals) and Prateek (Bass) felt the need to play some extreme metal. They found a drummer in Saurav who had to leave a year later due to musical differences. The search for a good metal drummer finally led Joy switching onto Drums. Vivek (Guitars) and Rahul (Vocals) who were close friends of the band from the start joined in and the new line-up started playing live.

After successful major gigs in Rajasthan, Kolkata and various gigs in and around town, in March 2012, they shared stage with Grindcore legends NAPALM DEATH (U.K.) and Arsames (Iran) in Kathmandu, Nepal as they were a part of Metal Mayhem IV. This was a milestone for the band.

Lyrically, the themes are as diverse as motivating ourselves about not laying low and emotionally depressed without necessity (Why So Emo?) to releasing the rage and hatred in a constructive way (Burn In Peace). From somehow digesting the happenings of the corrupt and unfair (Resistance) to speaking about the chaotic and unstable mental state that is the result of years of pain and suffering (Tormented). The latest track talks about the thoughts of complete dehumanization as the phrase goes ‘kill or be killed’ (Fatality).

The band would be performing next at Reprise @Lokamanya Tilak College of Engineering on April 6, 2013.
Check out the event link here https://www.facebook.com/events/167059680113238/?ref=3

Musicperk.com presents an exclusive interview with the band. Also, check out one of their videos below.

1) The names music bands come up with represent them or inspire them in some way or the other. What is the reason behind yours?

Prateek: Since we decided on the name GRiMMoRTaL around 4 years back, it has been interpreted to mean various things (some of which are downright hilarious!). But to be honest, it’s a word that sounded good for an extreme metal band like ours at that moment, we went ahead with it just a couple of hours before our first gig at Marine Centre and that’s that. Its real meaning needs to remain a mystery just because that’s just way more fun haha!

PS: We’re not a Black metal band & Immortal isn’t one of our primary influences.

Rahul: The name of the band was before I joined in and they were playing for a while. I felt the name was really powerful and dark. When you hear grim it reminds of a quite place, kind of like a forest with a grim reaper standing with the large blade to Slaughter someone. Nice and creepy.

2) The metal/extreme metal scene today is growing up, with many bands in this Genre, what separates or what is your unique aspect that separates you guys from the other bands in this scene?

Rahul: Well each of the band members has different taste and influences. So everyone brings a lot of different stuff to the table. This means our boundaries are huge. Yeah the scene is growing. Lasting long is the challenge.

Prateek: Once you listen to all the tracks from our upcoming album, you’ll surely find influences taken up from genres like death metal and hardcore while incorporating some technicality, melody and progressive parts along with the much required groove and slam parts. Overall, we can be called a Deathcore band, but that hardly justifies everything we actually play and plan to compose in the future.

Nikant: Well, the new line up and the album is a total mixture of all that people expect. I feel the mixture of melody with technicality makes us stand apart from other bands in the scene. Refrag has technicality, Pantomime has melody, etc.

3) Which was your most memorable performance and why?

Prateek: Travelling all the way to Nepal to play alongside UK Grindcore Giants Napalm Death representing Mumbai metal has to be one of our biggest gigs after winning Rocktaves at BITS-Pilani the previous year. But performance-wise, I’ve got to say playing in Kolkata at Hellbound in November 2011 alongside some crazy bands was the most satisfying set!

Rahul: That has to be the show that i played in Kolkata. Hell bound. It was one of the tightest set of ours and everything from sound, stage, lights, crowd, hospitality, food and booze. Was just amazing.

Nikant: For me it has to be the Entombed Metal Fest II Pune with Dark Helm, Therefore Play etc. Reason being it was the 1st time I was going live with GRiMMoRTaL and it was the 1st gig with the new line up altogether.

4) Your debut album ‘Execrating Normality’ is due for release, what can your fans expect from this album?

Prateek: This 7-track, full-length album consists of songs that we composed back when we started off the band (Why So Emo?) as well as tracks that we finished composing at Nikhil Singh’s studio just last year (Refrag). So basically, our fans can expect some pure, unadulterated, heavy music for a little over half an hour subliminally demonstrating the band’s evolution as it goes ahead.

Nikant: Well, our fans can definitely expect the unexpected! The sound has changed over a period of time and our fans can see a different level of music altogether.

Rahul: First of fans can expect a few new songs that they have never ever heard before. A lot of experimental stuff with the guitars and the vocals. Well the whole song in fact.

5) Which was your top favourite song in the album?

Rahul: My favourite has to be this song called PANTOMIME which no fans have heard yet of course. It is just perfect for me. The structure of the song, the flow, the pattern. Just love that one.

Prateek: It’s kind of impossible to choose just one track. But for me, if it has to be Refrag as it’s one of our longest track with some real fine guitar solos, some Mathcore-influenced parts and heavy-as-fuck breakdowns towards the end.

Nikant: Pantomime it is! This song is very well constructed; the vocal patterns and riffs go very well together. It has melody yet some parts give a dark vibe too. Plus, this song has a feel of completeness which means a lot to a listener.

6) Apart from music what do you guys do? Describe yourselves, actually describe each other.

Nikant: Elvis is into animation and stuff; he generally is calm and roams around Airoli on his grandfather’s Activa! Keni is great at networking; if he isn’t practicing or doing something related to music, he is definitely managing the band’s scene in some way. Nair is one happy go lucky guy. He is always chilling with people and is a pure root of all evils that happen around. He is one brat who takes everyone’s case.

Prateek: Currently, Nair & Sharmaji are media students who do their usual things that media guys can be seen doing; Nikant also teaches guitars. Elvis is into Animation and I work as a content executive for WB movies.

Rahul: Well MR. KENI is the one with the job. Elvis is doing his animation right now. Nikant is in his first year BMM like me and i am working on a lot of stuff right now which is going to be out there in a while.

7) Share with us some of your fun moments as a band.

Prateek: The current line-up has been together since around a year during which we spent most of the time composing new material and working on it in the studio. But over the years, it’s been a lot of fun travelling, being stared at at every train station, talking with random accents to people for teh lulz!

Rahul: Well our trip to Nepal was just GOOD TIMES. The after party was one of the best band moments ever.

Grimmortal is:

grim 3

Prateek Keni – Bass
Rahul Nair – Vocals
Nikant Sharma & Elvis – Guitars

Catch them on facebook@www.facebook.com/grimmortal