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Production: VTV Ganesh

Cast: VTV Ganesh Meera Jasmine,Simbhu,Santhanam,Andrea

Story,Direction, Dialogues and Screenplay: Vincent Selva

Music director: Dharan

Cinematography: R D Rajasekhar

Editing: Antony

Art director: Rajeevan

PRO: Suresh Chandra

Distribution: VTV Productions

Inga Enna Solludhu, directed by Vincent Selva, is Comedy filled drama which has the hilarious VTV Ganesh, Santhanam and Meera Jasmine in the lead roles with cameo by STR and Andrea. Music is by Dharan Kumar.


Shuklam Bharatham ★★★½☆

Singers: Kalyani Menon

Lyrics: Traditional

A traditional sloka-recitation by Kalyani Menon ,with just a Tambura at the side appears more of a in-house recording . Just get the Bliss and expect the peace around for some time, without any hassles.

Appa Tucker ★★★★☆

Singer : Psycho Unit

Lyrics: Psycho Unit

With the backdrop of Psycho Unit’s cranky voice , the song’s voltage level seems to be high and the start is clearly a Gangnam influence , but after a while the interludes are good with lots of boom and stutters used to elevate the pace of the song. Lyrics too , are limited with just the same tagline coming over and over. Sure to be in the playlist as an opening song of a club party !!

Cute Aana ★★★★☆

Singer : Naresh Iyer

Lyrics: Lallu

The song is straight simple , with sweet guitar strums and piano written on it. The flute solo defines the melody in a better way and Naresh Iyer does well with the tune , that is best suited for him. The chorus does a full-round job and hence a very good light-hearted song.

Avan Ivan★★★½☆

Singer : NSK Ramya

Lyrics: VTV Ganesh

Dharan tries the dubstep way and NSK Ramya sings a tech-house ,which is very new to her unlike the melodies she has sung till now. The dynamics of her voice helps to propel the song in the right way , though lots of screamers come in between.


Singer : STR

Lyrics: STR

Dharan and STR team up to create a ordinary track to gain some attention for the film and achieves a small share of luck with the nasal breath of audience’s favourite singer in the recent times. The lyrics are typical and bit colloquial. Could have been a better job done !!


Singer : NSK Ramya

Lyrics: VTV Ganesh

Ramya gets to sing a soulful melody with just the piano and her own voice , resonating around the entire number. Compared to other songs in the abum , this could have very well been done as an extended one, given its appealing music quality.


Singer : VTV Ganesh

Lyrics: VTV Ganesh

VTV Ganesh debuts as a singer and does it like a serious business (Just for some soak). Auto-tune provides a small uplift to the song and becomes the main-aid , though he manages to add some spark .What more can u expect from a need-to-sing-for-sure singer ?

Picks of the album: Cute aana, Appa tucker , Ennodu

Bottomline – Dharan comes out with a decent album with few songs ,that are commendable and he is yet to be back on track like his first few films. The lyrics are quite ordinary and does not

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create much feel. If he can try out a new kind of sound with a different set of singers , not used by him until now , he will be like “Appa Tucker”

Album Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆