Music : A.R. Rahman

Lyrics : A.R. Rahman, Blaaze, Gil Levy

Direction : Paul Boyd

Choreography : Longinus Fernandes



Although not on a physical scale, ‘Infinite Love’ was envisioned as Academy Award winner A.R.Rahman’s very own magnum opus aimed to ‘instill faith and optimism in the people’ prior  to the doomsday predictions for December 21, 2012. Well, since the historical hoax has come and gone, does this composition loose the significance? Not at all!

A Rahman Rhapsody in its own self, ‘Infinite Love’ is a very skilfully  moulded composition with a clear enough message of uniting the world. The Academy Award has made Rahman go global and that is just what the range of this song is. The song has been made to impact a global audience , which the song is going to accomplish very soon.

Beyond a shred of optimism against the doomsday, ‘Infinite Love’ is a message – a message to bring back the age-old dogma of ‘all for one, one for all’. The superbly written lyrics need special mention. It is no rocket science, but simple verses which touch the heart and make you listen. It is different from the style of Rahman’s ‘VandeMataram’, released 15 years ago. ‘VandeMataram’ was the modern day rendition of Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s National song of the same name, which never left even a corpuscle of patriotism unattended, in any Indian patriot. ‘Infinite Love’ does not bring in that kind of personal elation, but it is an emotion of concern for those around and the future of the world as a whole.

There is so much happening in the lyrics of the song, but not in pandemonium at all. It might be difficult to find a direct gradation at first, but everything comes down step-by-step to the chorus portion.

Musically, this may not be Rahman’s best composition till date. But, this innate message and the fluency with which the song proceeds, is well compensating for that. You won’t feel the lack of musical supremacy to a great extent, as the other aspects effectively cover it up. You may not also feel the Rahman style of music at first notice, except for his voice. But, he brings in an elegant blend of Pop, Rap and traditional Indian music, where the ‘Rahmania’ touch is clearly in the forefront.

Verdict : Worth listening and contemplating about !