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Parle Agro, today, is the largest Indian F&B company. 

This story goes back 20 years. International cola giants entered the Indian beverage market. But they couldn’t take on Parle Agro’s flagship brands that enjoyed a 60% market share.

So, in a shrewd move, they bought out all the bottling plants and brands owned by the company and its partners.


Parle Agro had to sign a non-compete clause that prohibited them to produce any carbonated drink for the next decade.

However, in the years that followed, Parle Agro continued to innovate and transform the Indian beverages sector with its non-carbonated drinks. Creating a slew of iconic brands in the process. These brands are market leaders in the country even today.

Now, twenty years later, Parle Agro is re-entering the Carbonated Soft Drinks category. And in their trademark style of introducing unique beverages, they are back with a revolutionary new drink. India’s first carbonated coffee beverage.

They have called it Café Cuba – a name that is synonymous with the spirit of revolution. It clearly spells out the anti-conformist intentions of the brand. And presents itself as a viable, contemporary alternative to cola.

Café Cuba has been positioned as ‘The Coffee Revolution’.The campaign has been conceived by Creativeland Asia – India’s largest and most rewarded independent, integrated communications company.

The positioning for the brand comes directly from the product attributes. Café Cuba is set to change the way people consume their carbonated beverages. Also, it will create a new category in the market. Hence, all the communication for the brand stems from this positioning.

Furthermore, the brand’s positioning strategy happens to coincide with the current political scenario of the country.

India is on the brink of its 16th General Elections. While issues of corruption, safety of women and national development are fueling every debate, there has been a radical change in the political landscape of the nation. People expect a revolution. A situation that works in the brand’s favour.

Every message on every medium carries the core message of the brand ‘Join the Coffee Revolution’.

The nature of this revolution is that of an ‘underground revolution’. One that has been brewing for years in the back alleys and dark rooms of comrades, and is now finally out in the open.

The brand’s TVC tells a story of a bunch of comrades who come together to create this revolutionary drink. And then go on to spread it. They peddle Cafe Cuba to people, rig cola machines and even take over buildings to throw a roof-top party to spread the revolution. The film is also interspersed with shots of people tasting Cafe Cuba and the feeling they get after tasting it. The TVC ends with the message ‘Tasted Cuba? Join the Coffee Revolution’

On the digital medium, the campaign kicks off with a teaser that takes you to a special website.Designed entirely in MS DOS format,the website, again, reflects the spirit of an underground revolution. The website can only be browsed using special commands, mimicking the MS-DOS command prompt.

Once you log on, you get a message from Cuba Underground – the first comrades of the Coffee Revolution. Then, a video that is created entirely out of ASCII animation starts playing. And it tells the story of Cuba Underground and how the coffee revolution began. The video eventually leads the user to the brand’s TVC.

On social media, Café Cuba has created a character called The Cuba Guy on Twitter. He is a charming and persuasive Cuban who has a taste for the fine things in life. He has a unique tone of voice that is an endearing mix of broken English and Spanish. And he can be reached @TheCubaGuy

The outdoor hoardings show mug-shots of comrades from the TVC posing with a slate that reads ‘Tasted Cuba’ while also holding a can of Cafe Cuba.