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Music Band: Hot Chip

Music Album: In Our Heads

Record Label: Domino

Song Rating
Motion Sickness ★★★½☆
How Do You Do? ★★★★½
Don’t Deny Your Heart ★★★½☆
Look at Where We Are ★★★½☆
These Chains ★★★★☆
Night and Day ★★★½☆
Flutes ★★★★☆
Now There Is Nothing ★★★½☆
Ends of the Earth ★★★★½
Let Me Be Him ★★★½☆
Always Been Your Love ★★½☆☆

 1. Motion Sickness

 This track is not as strong as the openers on previous Hot Chip Tickets albums, but it’s still got a great beat.

 2. How Do You Do?

 The second track is perhaps the strongest on the album – rocking beat, sweeping melody, and catchy lyrics.

 3. Don’t Deny Your Heart

 This track has a deep early ’90s feel, with a nostalgic anthem of a chorus and a great beat.

 4. Look at Where We Are

 This is the first slow song on the album, but it still keeps the energy going in a mellow way.  Almost an R&B feel.

 5. These Chains

 The beat is back in this next track, with an insane bass line and catchy synth pop hooks.  Smooth vocals and very simple lyrics.

 6. Night and Day

 This track almost feels like a club remix, with heavy industrial overtones and a bass line that’s all over the place, in a good way.

 7. Flutes

 This track starts out with a vocal sample that sounds like children singing, and then blossoms out into seven minutes of magical groove.  Definitely a great track for driving.

 8. Now There Is Nothing

 Back to a slower track, again with an R&B feel, but this time more subtle.

 9. Ends of the Earth

 Super energetic beats and crazy vocal effects make this one of the highlights of the album.

 10. Let Me Be Him

 This track will transport you to summer no matter what time of year it is.  Definitely a hot weather track, mellow and energetic at the same time.

 11. Always Been Your Love  

 Probably the weakest track on the album, straight-up B-grade pop.  Not an amazing finish to an otherwise great collection of songs.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆

British electronica duo Hot Chip are pretty much a one-trick pony, but their trick is very, very good.  They specialize in tongue-in-cheek, fun, even bouncy electropop tracks, and they definitely don’t take themselves seriously.  In Our Heads is their fifth album, and to be honest each album is better than the one before it, so this is their best effort so far.  It’s shocking that they haven’t had a single bad release, and although some critics have complained that this album is too reminiscent of their previous work, Hot Chip fans will certainly be able to appreciate the similarities while also taking note of the freshness in the differences.

If you’re new to Hot Chip, you can check out more of their music at hotchip.co.uk.