Music Band: Digital Antique

Music Album : II

Record Label: Dirk Down Records, Inc

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Doomed Hero Digital Antique ★★★★½
The Heist Digital Antique ★★★★☆
NG Digital Antique ★★★★½
Cali Digital Antique ★★★★☆
Flatline Digital Antique ★★★½☆
Horsepower Digital Antique ★★★½☆
5 Marines Digital Antique ★★★½☆
BC Digital Antique ★★★☆☆
Nevermind Digital Antique ★★★☆☆
Jonsii Digital Antique ★★★★☆

 1. Doomed Hero

 If there was a zeitgeist for our times, this song would be it. We’re glued to computer screens. We’re self-absorbed and our typical mantra is “I, Me, Mine” to quote the Beatles. A beautiful and relevant piece.

 2. The Heist

 Gorgeous track that really lifts off when the drums come in to keep the string section company. There’s even some Americana/country influence here. Digital Antique is mixing prog with traditional music with amazing results.

 3. NG

 Sounds similar in a way to Godspeed You Black Emperor. The technical proficiency and production, as well as the songwriting skill, are all at a maximum.

 4. Cali

 This song has more of a celebratory feel; celebrating love and life. The bass could fit well on “Californication”, as well as some of the chord choices, and the strings give the whole thing wings.

 5. Flatline

 “Flatline” slows the tempo and lumbers along gracefully. The organ brings a classic rock feel to the piece.

 6. Horsepower

 Much dynamic in this track, as delicate, passionate string harmonies trade off with heavy guitars and pounding drums.

 7. 5 Marines

 Like a waltz, an unusual beauty pervades this track. Very catchy yet introspective.

 8. BC

 Subtle and gutwrenching, sad but determined, especially when the pace quickens.

 9. Nevermind

 A hypnotic ballad, not a sleeper though.

 10. Jonsii

 Digital Antique pull out all the stops with the album closer, delivering prog rock, soaring indie rock and more beautiful violin and cello arrangements.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

 Digital Antique are an incredibly mature and seasoned group of musicians delivering a true thing of beauty on their new album “II”. Their take on instrumental rock/classical/progressive music is as beautiful as Sigur Ros and as dark and sprawling as Godspeed You Black Emperor. Each track is easy to absorb, as this is not just fare for fans of progressive music. It’s beautiful music that listeners of many genres could enjoy, and definitely music that lends itself well to video, as can be seen by their Youtube presentations.

Digital Antique’s “II” should be in the collection of any serious music listener.

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