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Album: I II III

Artist: DzierzynskiBitz

Production: Nova Estrada

Genres: Retro, New Wave, Indie, Swing, Novy Twist


“Eclectic” and “exhilarating” are two of the many words that can be used to describe DzierzynskyBitz (Dzerzhinsky Orchestra), a Slovakia-based group led by Wojciech Dzerzhinsky. It is experimental and unique in the best way, listing pre-war Polish music and English New Wave as its prime influences. With the range in instruments and genres employed, it’s a highly unpredictable blend of instrumentals with soothing croon pop vocals!

A probable make-or-break factor about the group’s album I II III that came out in June 2012: the lyrics aren’t in English. But the troupe is definitely going global with music that for the most part is authentic and memorable… the melodies speaking for themselves!

Track Rating
SlediZaVsem ★★★★☆
Zenscina ★★★☆☆
Kapitan ★★½☆☆
Expedicija ★★½☆☆
Minuty ★★★★★
Palcy ★★★☆☆
Povelzo ★★★★☆
Czay ★★★☆☆

1. SlediZaVsem

You can’t help look up from whatever you’re doing when this song starts playing. The opening melody followed by the peppy drum beats is fast and playful… it practically jumps out at you! I instantly connected to the rhythm and knew that whether I understood the lyrics or not, it was a fun song for my playlist. It was modern sounding, combining the multiplicity of instruments with conventional vocals to create an infectious mix!

2. Zenscina

A more unconventional melody which features a varied range of instruments.Just when it builds to a steady rhythm the song changes course to a slower, much more haunting note. With the complexity of the melody and the relatively calm pace of the lyrics, it feels riddled with poignancy that you come close but not close enough to feeling through the melody alone.

3. Kapitan

A mellow song that doesn’t really stand out. Like the other tracks, it’s a beautiful blend of receptive vocals and instrumentals. However, here, again, getting hold of the translation of the lyrics would help separate it from the other tracks.

4. Expedicija

The opening beats give you the surreal underwater feel followed by an undercover criminal-activity vibe. It converges into a whoosh of goodness especially with the drum beats and soothing vocals. It’s an infectious melody, particularly with the instrumentals but ends rather abruptly.

5. Minuty

The instrumentals take the center stage here but the vocals still gain prominence. They contrast with the plinky opening beats and are filled with unabashed sentiment. The chorus is soft, soothing and angst-filled in the best sort of way. It’s filled with that wondrous heart-stopping quality that I’m always on the lookout for!

6. Palcy

The opening melodies reminded me of SlediZaVsem probably in the way it contributes to the playful pace of the track! The background instrumentals are (quite literally at points) snappy while the vocals are more laidback.

7. Povezlo

Found out that the song title translates to “Till I Got Enough”. I love how this track feels so… whimsical and literally transports you to another culture and era! The instrumentation and vocals sort of go back-and-forth from time to time, gaining prominence at different points… almost like a dance of sorts! The last part of the track is especially divine!

8. Czay

The raspy vocals complement the slinkiness of the background instrumentals. Gets a little monotonous and forgettable in the middle but I loved the artful repetitiveness at the end. Not a track that sticks with you but it does have its moments!

Final thoughts:I II III consists of eight tracks out of which at least four are captivating in a way that is inimitable! There were one or two tracks that felt like they would hold more meaning if a translation of the lyrics were available but for the most part, it was about the complexity of the instrumentals, the blend of genres and the world they transported you to.

Album Verdict: Looking for something multi-cultural and experimental to listen to? I II IIIgives you this and more!

Picks of the album: SlediZaVsem, Minuty, Povelzo

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆