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I Dont Luv U

I Dont Luv U

Directed by: Amit Kasaria

Produced by: Dr Anil Kumar Sharma

Written by: Amit Kasaria

Starring: Ruslaan Mumtaz, Murali Sharma, Chetna, Ragesh Asthana

Music Composer: Aman- Benson & Amit Kasaria

Bollywood regularly churns out youth centric movies and with time most of them seem familiar. This movie, directed by Amit Kasaria uses the subject of an MMS scandal and whether this was a good decision or not, the box office performance will determine. However does the music help bring the movie closer to the audiences’ heart?

This album consists of 10 songs composed by Aman-Benson and Amit Kasaria.

Track Title



I Don’t Luv U

Neuman Pinto, Monali Thakur


Ishq Ki



Mera Chhuta Guitar



Mere Khuda

Javed Ali, Hamsar Hayyat


Kucch Hone Ko Hai

Raman Mahadevan, Roy Barua


Jaane Kaise Do I Luv U

Linda M Johnny


Mohe Apne Hi

Fareed Hasan


Mission Tadofier

Aman ,Piyush, Shiraj Khan


I Don’t Luv U( Club Version)

Neuman Pinto, Monali Thakur


Ishq Ki( Club Version)




1) I Don’t Luv U

The title track sets the pace for the entire album and this song is refreshing but not enough to exactly hit bull’s eye. The singers have done a really good job but somehow along the way it does not manage to sound awesome but just about pretty good.

2) Ishq Ki:

Apparently a Punjabi song is mandatory in every movie now and if that’s the case then it better sound extra good. But over here the music is average, tempo is fast but not enough to make it stand out and swear words don’t help either.

3) Mera Chhuta Guitar:

Sounds like the composer’s are trying too hard to come up with a romantic track that suits the apparent college sensibilities but nope, they don’t do the required job. The sound seems too familiar for comfort and the lyrics are just quite plain. Not one of Shaan’s best.

4) Mere Khuda:

Sounds pretty familiar to the other songs of this type even though Javed Ali and Hamsar Hayyat do a pretty commendable job on this song. It is melodious and sweet but falls flat from being extremely pleasant.

5) Kucch Hone Ko Hai:

It starts off with a sweet feel to it and Raman Mahadevan and Roy Barua lend their powerful yet mellow voices to this track. The problem starts with the English lyrics in between that sounds, just…’wannabe’. But again nothing great since after the initial pleasant-ness the song just falls flat.

6) Jaane Kaise Do I Luv U

 Linda’s voice sounds very mesmerizing and sweet and the song has a sort of jazz and bluesy feel that makes it quite unique. Easily one of the best in the album , it may not become the next love anthem because at certain points, just tries too hard to impress but does have the potential to grow on you.

7) Mohe Apne Hi

Fareed Hasan seems to be an amazing singer especially with respect to the classical and Hindustani elements in this song. It may find takers in people who are classically inclined but the youth ,who is the targeted audience here may not take a liking to this since it is just way too slow and the mood , a little too mellow.

8) Mission Tadofier:

 Seriously what is with the lame and offensive lyrics? Do people really believe that ridiculous stereotype that youngsters’ lingo comprises of only swear words? Well whatever it is really bad in terms of music, lyrics everything!

Again keeping up with the apparent requirement of having a remixed track in every other album this album consists of two remixes, one of I Don’t Luv U and Ishq Ki and there is nothing spectacular about them. Just a faster tempo with some English lyrics thrown in for good measure.

Picks of the album: Jaane Kaise Do I Luv U, I don’t Luv U

Album Verdict: This album consists of a bad mix of Stereotypes that is generally associated with the movie. A couple of songs do make an impact but as an album, it is a colossal failure. Here is hoping the songs do a better job in the movie atleast.

Rating: ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆