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Artist : Nelly

Genre : Hip Hop, Pop, Country Pop, R&B

Label : Universal Motown, DerrtyEnt.

Writers :Justin Franks, David Glass, Breyan Isaac, Harrison Kipner, Nelly

Producer : DJ Frank E



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with a few counts of what feels like pure country guitar, ‘Hey Porsche’ does not make a very novel impression on the first attempt. Then on, the vocals start off which confirm that the track is nowhere even closely related to the pure country genre. It starts off with the chorus portion itself, on a lighter tone and then brings in the beats with power-packed punch. The vocals does not seem all that unique. It is just about the same style of singing expected from any pop artist these days. You move on smoothly without much of a heed.


But, undoubtedly, the biggest catch of the track is the chorus. It left without an influence right in the beginning, but when sandwiched right in between the lyrics and vocals, the chorus makes all the impact it was supposed to make. The sudden absence of power beats at the chorus, brings in the anticipation of something big on the other side. The rhythm is kept throughout the track, with or without the beats. What is more attractive is that, even if you felt like the vocals were desperate for attention, the chorus portion takes all those feelings right outside.


This attraction for the chorus is actually a mystery. There is no big trick or herculean task involved in it, but somehow, it imparts the big ecstasy which was required. It is a minor version of the ‘Gangnam Effect’, so to say, where you don’t know why it is awesome, when it is. Towards the end, the buildup to the chorus is great as well, when things start to go silent and the sudden line “Turn it up and now here we go” pops up. Keeping the chorus aside, the track is much like any other pop track, but keeping the chorus aside here is not an option at all.

Verdict : Wait for the chorus. Overall, a good one.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆