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Director: Madhur Bhandarkar

Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Randeep Hooda

Music Label: Sony Music

Music Director Duo: Salim-Sulaiman

Lyricist: Niranjan Iyengar

Story by: Madhur Bhandarkar

The music released on August 20th 2012 and the movie is about to release on September 21st, 2012.

This movie did create a lot of hype owing to its controversies relating to the replacement of Aishwarya Rai with Kareena. The posters of the movie are captivating and sultry to a certain extent. So we know what to expect. Add to that the announcement from Madhur Bhandarkar during the shooting of the movie that it would have two item numbers. The movie is all about the life of a once successful actress, Mahi Arora. We all remember how the music was a major contributor to the success of ‘Fashion’. The duo of Salim-Sulaiman has worked with Madhur Bhandarkar earlier in “Fashion”. So comparatively, the expectations are on a high from this album. Niranjan who had earlier penned lyrics for songs like ‘noor-e-khuda’ from my name is khan and ‘Chammak Challo’ from Ra-one does add to the expectation levels. Would the expectations be justified? Scroll down to find out.






Halkat Jawani

Sunidhi Chauhan



Main Heroine Hoon

Aditi Singh Sharma




Rahat Fateh Ali Khan




Shreya Ghoshal



Tujhpe Fida

Bennny Dayal,Shraddha Pandit


Halkat Jawani:

The first thing that strikes you is the crooning of “Aaja” by Sunidhi who seemed to be a natural choice for an item number of such a calibre. Sunidhi is able to do justice to the song. Her voice adds the thump and the pomp to the spicy lyrics. The guitars and its fusion with tabla and harmonium towards the middle add that retro touch to the song. The fusion of retro music instruments with the modern electronics creates a strikingly different effect on your ears. Sunidhi makes sure that you keep crooning the lines of this song long after you have heard it. This could well fetch Sunidhi a couple of awards this year. Credit goes to Niranjan for making the song hot and naughty.

Main Heroine Hoon:

My guess is that this is the title song of the album that introduces the actress as the heroine. The song starts off at a fast pace right from the beginning with a lot of electronics and fast-beats. The lyrics talks of the industry from the inside. The violin work seems to gel well with the beats which is not an easy task for a fast paced song. The fusion of the traditional musical notes with the electronics is captivating to day the least. Hey! Wait a moment! Didn’t fashion have something similar? Although Aditi does a good job here in carrying off the song as much as possible on her shoulders, the lyrics and the music doesn’t lend enough support to her with the lines shouting ‘main heroine hoon’[which is so obvious] appearing repeatedly boring after the first couple of times along with the same tunes. It would have been wise to limit the duration to less than 3 minutes in order to keep the interest in the song alive. Long after you have listened to the song, you will remember the way Aditi croons the words “Main heroine Hoon”.


This one is a slow number. Rahat was, I guess, an obvious choice given the nature of the song. He carries the essence and the mood of the song well. Rahat sings it like just any other of his other songs without giving the requisite stress on the emotions and fell of the words which fail to get conveyed. The violin work is commendably good and gels well with mood of the song. Looking at the decent job done by the composer duo with ‘Yeh honsla’ in Dor, I guess they would have done a good job had they taken this song themselves. Moreover, people are fed up of listening to Rahat singing the same kind of songs.


The moment I see Shreya’s name against this song my expectations reach higher than normal. The song starts off slow and mellow with some guitar and piano work before Shreya’s voice comes on singing the song in her own soft and touchy manner. The song slowly moves on to a brasher manner and the way Shreya transforms the tone of the song is astounding to say the least. The way Shreya is able to vary her voice every now and then brings suspense to the song of what could come next. The song feels like a roller coaster ride with a slower patch followed by rockier patch. This is one of the better songs in the album and you would miss out on a lot if you skip this one. The variations in the background musicals be it the guitar or the less noticeable violin complement Shreya’s work making the song the least boring of them all.

Tujhpe Fida:

This one is a lengthier one compared to all other songs in the album. The track looks cut out for a disco. It is a fast track with all the ingredients of a typical DJ song in it. The only way you can survive this song is to go fida with this song. Just tune up the volume and dance to the twists and turns of the song and you are sure to have 5 minutes of non-stop fun. Benny sets the disco tone to the song but Shraddha’s voice feel strangely out of place with this song. Since her voice is mostly mixed and modified, the effect is almost invisilble to the naked ears. The electronically ixed version of Shraddha’s voice is lovely to hear in this context. If you love such fast paced songs, then you will not feel the lapse of time at all.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Verdict: Select wisely. Although some tracks are winners, other could be gently avoided.

This is a decent work from the composer duo. This is a relatively short album with only 5 tracks giving limited scope. It would be natural to notice some similarity to the earlier works of the duo be it ‘Yeh honsla’ or some tracks from Fashion but then I guess the duo have a set standard of composition for women-based movies. Also noticeable is the fusion of the western and the Indian style of music which brings out a feel of a different, innovative type of music breaking the monotone. The choices of instruments for the songs have been given the required attention to detail not allowing any song to sound odd in that respect.

Niranjan has done a good job in penning songs except for the lone ‘Main heroine hoon’ which could have been crafted better in terms of some more catchy words.

Although the choice of singers like Sunidhi, Shreya and Benny have had the desired effect, the decision to rope in the others like Rahat and Shraddha could have been re-thought and a better person could have been brought in in their place. I wonder how Shraddha would have performed had she performed the song ‘Khwahishein’. It might have produced an interesting effect. Aditi has been able to bring the brashness of the song through her voice. Aditi and Shraddha are talents that could well be thought of as replacements for Shreya and Sunidhi respectively Aditi for the roughness in her voice and Shraddha for the way she can carry a soft, melodious song.

Although songs like Halkat Jawani, Khwahishein and Tujhpe fida sound nice and enthusiastic as independent tracks, others probably would need to rely on the picturisation of the song for the required effect to be created. It remains to be seen how the songs come out in the movie and how well they sync into a movie of such serious tone.