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Artist :Bridgit Mendler

Lyrics :Bridgit Mendler, Emmanuel Kiriakou, Priscilla Renea, Andrew Goldstein, Jai Marlon, David Ryan, Freddy Wexler

Producers : Emmanuel Kiriakou, Andrew Goldstein, Jai Marlon, Freddy Wexler

Label : Hollywood


Wasting time is surely not in Mendler’s checklist. But the hustle can reflect a quality drop which would make the track purely peccable. But, Mendler has taken care that her tracks keep a standard, and her talent and efficiency has stood testimony for it. Lovely renditions indeed.

The tracks are one of those superfast kinds which don’t leave much space in between for people to imbibe the entire spirit with time. Is it rap? No, it’s nowhere close. It’s more of a novel blend of fast and melodic vocals with effective instrumentation. You won’t find much gap in the tracks just for instruments. But, the instruments make a big impact on the influence of the tracks as well. That is the kind of magic potion which Mendler has conjured out.

The track ‘5:15’ is one, with no beats to be heard anywhere. Mendler has sung it beautifully enough. Her easy movement through the song is clear from the progress of the track. While a too carefree attitude can spoil the listener’s impression, she has given the right stress at the right time with her voice, to

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eliminate any chance of that occurring. The song uses just an acoustic guitar and piano as instruments, which stand for the simplicity in the song’s making. A great piece indeed, considering the elementary way the song goes through.

Love Will Tell Us Where To Go’, in contrast, has beats to claim. But, they are precise. The fast vocals and the lack of much gap for instruments are common with ‘5:15’, but the mood generated is much different. It’s more of a song which will make you groove to the beat. Again, Mendler has done a beautiful rendering of the track, with the right focus at the right points. It is actually surprising how so non-stop vocals can bring in different positive feelings at different points in the song. Whatever solo instrumental portion is there in the track is delightful, reminiscent of someone important, walking in slow motion(perhaps the lover). Worth a listen!

Verdict : Fresh and New.

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆