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Artist: Kina Grannis

Genre: Soul, Country

Lyrics: Kina Grannis


‘Heart and Mind’ was recorded by the American guitarist and singer-songwriter, Kina Grannis for her album ‘Stairwells.’ The song was also featured in the TV series ‘Switched at Birth.’ The song has received quite a positive response from the critics calling it one of the most outstanding songs.

The song starts off with plain vocals with lyrics that are deeply entrenched with emotions that tell you a tale of long time ago. Once in a while, there comes a track which impresses you just by the vocals, and this is one such song.

The lyrics are all about letting go of the safety of your inhibitions in order to protect yourself from getting hurt. The song talks about baring it all in order to know mobile casino one’s inner self. It talks about emotions that need to flow so as to gain closure.

Kina Grannis has been known to produce music of this kind that has a meaning which comes from another world. A quintessential country genre, this track is pretty much takes by surprise as you the song progresses with its placidity and the serenity that is projected towards the end. The best part of the song: the vocals.

The score runs in a rhythmic fashion which complements the vocals at every level. When the song flows like autumn breeze such as this one, it is next to impossible to find flaws or even hunt them down, for that matter. Well, even there are, refrain from noticing them because sometimes you just to let go,

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just what the artist has to say!

Album verdict: Let go of all inhibitions and listen to this one.

Album ★★★★★★★★☆☆