Right after ‘Rockstar’ Nickelback’s hedonistic lyrics just kept dominating their album and in a country where ‘riding’ a horse is legal in 26 states I’m least bit surprised by their success and hits. With that in mind Nickelback launched their seventh studio album titled ‘Here and Now’. With no doubts the album has received what some would call a not very satisfying reviews all over but I’d say it was literally ripped apart by the critics! Ironically a few tracks have been topping the charts in a few countries! #AMomentOfSilencePlease

Nickelback only portray themselves as emotional and deep purgatory rock bands while actually their songs are musically crude and lyrics written by a pervert. They managed to get away all this while by planting a few ballads here and there and when they do so they do it very good! How does a redneck band manage to come up with songs like that I will never know! I’m not biasing my review because of the fact that Nickelback is a victim of sodomy from reviewers on the large, I liked their album ‘All The Right Reasons’, it sounded like the band did some soul searching before they released their 5th album but its been downhill from then on!

Album ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

Song Rating
This means war ★★½☆☆
Bottoms Up ★★½☆☆
When We Stand Together ★★★½☆
Midnight Queen ★★☆☆☆
Gotta Get Me Some ★½☆☆☆
Lullaby ★★★★☆
Kiss It Goodbye ★☆☆☆☆
Trying Not To Love You ★★★★☆
Holding On To Heaven ★★½☆☆
Everything I Wanna Do ★★☆☆☆
Don’t Ever Let It End ★★★½☆

1. This Means War

Oh yes Chad 3 years and we have already forgotten ‘Burn It To The Ground’. With that sarcasm i want to tell you that its no different from that song, only more angry, more gritty and more irritating on the ears and a bad display of vocal transitions! Although those 4 lines of chorus now and then sounds catchy!

2. Bottoms Up

The ever thumping Adair really bang-starts the song and Ryan Peake joins Chad with a stealthy guitar jive, if not for the intensive drums and the crafty playing on the strings this song would have been a mere rhyme for the alkies’. Not a good song to listen when your drinking and especially not when you are drunk.

3.When We Stand Together

When I said they plant a few good songs here and there and get away I was exactly referring to songs like these! An acoustic based song well introduced by Mike and carried forward nicely by the band with a soothing chorus and slow banging by Daniel on the drums that sound like some Mambo stuff.

4.Midnight Queen

Huge disappointment or in simple words big bulb i got when i was expecting something better reading the title of the track. Fast paced and energetic but at expense of aesthetics of the song, lyrically bad and musically trying to sound like they can do ‘heavy metal rock’ too, this song just fails miserably.

5.Gotta Get Me Some

Skip it! Unless you get high on the mere mention of weed!


I don’t know which came first, Kavisky’s ‘Nightcall’ or this one because clearly some plagiarising has happened and mixed. Leaving that out for people who must be wondering who or what Kavinsky is this track is pleasant and close to a powerful rock ballad more intensive and it hurts me to know I’m writing good things about them! :\ Rare pieces of songs you can expect from Nickelback and this is one!

7.Kiss It Goodbye

Continue playing only if you liked ‘This Is War’! Horrible rhyme attempt and not impressive when Chad keeps screaming in the due course of the track either! Another song that’s a result of drug abuse!

8.Trying Not To Love You

If the band had any sense they would have listed this song after ‘Lullaby’ then including after one nut job track ‘Kiss It Goodbye’. A song that’s redolent and brings to mind the identical songs from Nickelback’s past which they could have saved! Another good one, well written ,musically rich and nice too, and with Chad sounding the way like in ‘All Right Reasons’ please hold on this!

9.Holding On To Heaven

More rapping than singing only is happening! Nothing impressive to elaborate about!

10.Everything I Wanna Do

‘Something In your mouth’ , ‘Dirty mouth’ its all the same unless your a fantasizing type sex offender skip it!

11.Don’t Ever Let It End

You kiddin, bro I’m happy it came to an end! More country influenced and sympathetically harmonic this track is a perfect ode to a disturbed album, worth listening to once for the sin of buying this album!

Verdict: If you some cash to throw around and if you are a well wisher of Nickelback,go ahead and buy else just buy those 3 or 4 tracks online!