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Artist :Baauer

Label :Jeffree’s, Mad Decent

Genre : Bass, Hip Hop, Trap


First, there was a wave of ‘Gangnam Style’ which took over the world by storm. When that more or less subsides, sets in another entrant desiring to step foot into the ‘Hall of Fame’. Meet ‘Harlem Shake’, although “listen!” would be a more appropriate word. This is one of those tracks where you have no clue what is going on, but still seem to enjoy it in a crowd. Baauer is a DJ and that is well depicted in the track, through the only background music present almost throughout the song. Or, rather, it should be mentioned as the foreground music, since hardly any vocals push it to the background.

The track is entirely monotonous – so if you are looking for some thrilling music, change your path completely. The only places where the monotony is broken are few snares and growls here and there, but as those repeat too many times, they do nothing more than adding to the monotony. There are hardly any vocals, and whatever is there is not entirely English. The only English lyric you will hear is “then do the Harlem Shake”, which is irritating beyond a point. Gangnam had variations in it, and hence even if all that did not make sense(many understood that ‘yoja’ means ‘girl’ though, but very late), it had a kind of catch in it. Harlem has no variations and nothing in it to keep the crowd gripping, except for the apparent craze.

But, Harlem did top many charts through ridicule. Internet memes created based on Harlem went on to become so popular, that it skyrocketed the track’s ratings. All the videos contained the same theme. A bunch of people going crazy in whatever they can do, together. The situation changes as per video. It might be a great dance track, but as a song,

there is nothing more to say. If you are with your friends, and want to relieve your stress out, this is recommended. Else, do not enter the domain.

Verdict : Keep away, unless with friends and in dance mode.

Album ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆