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Santana- Guitar Heaven the Greatest guitar classics of all time

Santana’s latest release features him covering a few of the most popular classic rock songs of all time with several of the current popular vocalists on the music scene.

Name Rating
Whole Lotta Love ★★★☆☆
Cant you hear me knocking ★★½☆☆
Sunshine of your love ★★☆☆☆
While my guitar gently weeps ★★★☆☆
Photograph ★★★★☆
Back in Black ★☆☆☆☆
Riders on the storm ★★☆☆☆
Smoke on the water ★★★★☆
Dance the Night away ★★½☆☆
Bang a gong ★★★½☆
Little Wing ★★½☆☆
I aint superstitious ★★★☆☆

1. Whole Lotta Love –  Santana Feat Chris Cornell(Originally by Led Zeppelin)

The Song starts off like a cheap knock off of the original Led Zeppelin song but Chris Cornell proves that he isn’t Robert plant delivering a stunning vocal performance to match Santana.

Awesome way to start the album in my opinion, staying true to the original song while subtly differentiating itself in more ways than one. Perhaps you can call it the Santana effect.

2. Cant you hear me knocking– Santana Feat Scott Weiland(Originally by The Rolling Stones)

Not as impressive as Whole lotta love but worth a listen. My Impression of the album has dropped a bit after this. Would have sounded better perhaps if Santana got Eddy Vedder to sing this song instead of Scott Weiland.

3. Sunshine of your love– Santana Feat Rob Thomas(Originally by Cream)

A song suited for Rob Thomas and he delivers a awesome vocal performance however that annoying drum beat in the background keeps taking my mind of the vocals as well as Santana’s playing. Needs some refining.

4.  While my guitar gently weeps– Santana feat  India.Arie and Yo-Yo Ma(Originally by The Beatles)

Personally I’ve never been a fan of people covering the Beatles but when I heard that Santana would be covering “while my guitar gently weeps”, I was instantly interested considering this was one of my favourite songs of all time. An interesting take on this classic giving it a sort of blues feel to it. Kick the image of John Lennon out of your head before listening to this track(If that’s possible)

5.  Photograph – Santana feat Chris Daughtry (Originally by Def Leppard)

Best track on the album that I’ve heard at the moment. Just the right amount of guitar in the song. Looking forward to the rest of the tracks in the album after listening to this one.

6. Back In Black– Santana Feat Nas (Originally by AC/DC)

My first reaction when the song started was “What the hell is this”. Santana has taken a huge gamble by having Nas sing a rap version of this classic. Nas poorly raps out line after line of the lyrics slipping in Santana’s name now and then for god knows what reason. Even Santana cant save this song.

7). Riders on the Storm –Santana feat Chester Bennington and Ray Manzarek(Originally by The Doors)

Jim Morrison must be rolling in his grave after listening to this very very boring rendition of his most popular song til date. Snoop Dogg did a better remix of Riders on the Storm. Way too much guitar and unimpressive singing.

8. Smoke on the Water-Santana Feat Jacoby Shaddix (Originally by Deep Purple)

A very interesting take on this classic, Jacoby Shaddix does a very good job on this track. Although when Ritchie Blackmore wanted a very simple song when he originally performed it, Santana`s version seems to be way more complex with the guitar overpowering the vocals at some points.

9. Dance the Night Away – Santana feat Pat Monahan (Originally By Van Halen)

Sounds very karaoke-ish. Very much unlike the last song Santana`s playing was overpowered by the vocals.

10. Bang a gong– Santana feat gavin rossdale (originally by T-rex)

Another good cover. Gavin Rossdale and Santana really gel well together for this song. Another spark in an otherwise pointless album.

11. Little Wing – Santana feat Joe Cocker (originally by Jimi Hendrix)

Stays true to the original.Personally feel Santana should not have covered Hendrix as an act of respect.

12.  I aint Superstitious– Santana Feat Johnny Lang (Originally by Willie Dixon /Howlin’ Wolf)

Blues Rocker Johnny Lang lends his vocals to this Classic 60s song but for some reason I feel that his voice is lost among the instruments. Decent way to end the album.

Bottom Line

Buy the album only if you desperately need something new or want it to complete your Santana album collection otherwise stay away. Santana performed impeccably song after song but the choice of vocalists weren’t the best .Having released albums like “ All that I am” in the past I’m disappointed with this effort of his however his guitar playing is what salvaged this album to an extent.

Album ★★★☆☆

Album reviewed by Shreyas Padmanaban , MusicPerk Team.