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Producer: Prakash Raj
Cast: Allu Sirish, Yami Gautam, Prakash Raj etc
Music: S.S Thaman

Song Singers Rating
Okkaitai Okkatai Haricharan and Suchitra ★★★½☆
Manasa Manasa Mallikarjuna Rao, Vardhini ★★★★☆
Chetinundi Mannu Thesi Muralidhar ★★★☆☆
Oka Gramam Undanta Deepu ★★★½☆


1. Okkatai Okkatai
Okkatai Okkatai is an inspirational song. Chandrabose has given some meaningful and beautiful lyrics as they describe and inspire the youth. The vocals of Haricharan and Suchitra are perfect. Thaman’s music is pretty catchy and the beat is peppy. Overall it is a good song to begin with.

2. Manasa Manasa
Artist[s]:Mallikarjuna Rao, Vardhini
Romantic melody mixed with classical carnatic touch is what this song is all about. It is a good soft number. Chandrabose’s lyrics are good and Thaman’s music is beautified by the performances of both the singers. The song describes “nature. All in all, Thaman has tried something new and it should attract the target audience.

3. Chetinundi Mannu Thesi
Artist[s]: Muralidhar
This song highlights the characters of both hero and heroine and makes us wonder what destiny has got in store for them. Chandrabose’s lyrics are pretty good again where as Muralidhar’s voice is in sync with the village atmosphere. Thaman concentrated on giving music which goes down well with villagers. In other words, this song is a folk song which has fresh aroma and all ingredients to hook the folk melody music lovers with some good and nice lyrics.

4. Oka Gramam Undanta
Artist[s]: Deepu
This is an awesome soothing melody. This song again is complimented with some thought provoking and realistic lyrics by Chandrabose. Song highlights the polluted minds of some villagers. Deepu is apt and has done his best. Overall, the song is a lovable melody and also a feel good one.

Album rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆
The album is against the regular format. It has only 4 songs and all of them are lyrically powerful and meaningful. Looks like Thaman is trying to prove that he is strong in the melody department too. He has tried different and succeeded in it. The visuals might enhance these songs a little more. Overall, this album has all that a “Radha Mohan” style of films demand and yet does not disappoint the listeners.

Picks of the album: Manasa and Oka Gramam
Final verdict: Short and decent album which has some splendorous lyrics.