Music Artist/Band : Dirk LP

Music Album : Go Green

Record Label: Dirk Down Records, Inc

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Go Green (feat. Lyris) Dirk LP/ Lyris ★★★½☆
Rap On Dirk LP ★★★☆☆
BassLine Dirk LP ★★★½☆
Grindin’ (In My Sleep) Dirk LP ★★★☆☆
Guaranteed (feat. Ducci and Florian Starks) Dirk LP/Ducci and Florian Starks ★★★☆☆
Breeze Out Dirk LP ★★★½☆
The Truth Dirk LP ★★★½☆
How We Get Down (feat. Donny Arcade Dirk LP/DonnyArcade ★★★½☆
Foreplay (feat. BKush) Dirk LP/BKush ★★★☆☆
Hot and Heated Dirk LP ★★★☆☆
The Culture Dirk LP ★★★½☆
Da Realest Dirk LP ★★★☆☆
Bye-Bye Dirk LP ★★★½☆
Mr. McGinnis Dirk LP ★★★½☆
Meet da Rapper Dirk LP ★★★½☆

 1. Go Green (feat Lyris)

This track starts off the album with a hard-stabbing synth backtrack and some playful overlays.  It introduces the listener to Dirk LP’s unique brand of vocalizing and lyrical flow.

2. Rap On

In the next track, the piano at the forefront gives a sense of importance in what Dirk LP is saying. The guitar brings the song to an epic-sounding level.

3. BassLine

True to the title of the track, the bassline is prominent. It has a jazzy, funky feel and holds the track together.

4. Grindin’ (In My Sleep)

This track has a softer groove which allows for more reflection on Dirk LP’s lyrics. 

5. Guaranteed (feat. Ducci & Florian Starks)

This is definitely a slower track which has a strong collaboration with Ducci and Florian Starks. The song focuses on the message of staying true to oneself and persevering through the obstacles.

6. Breeze Out

Another awesome track by Dirk LP that has sweeping synths and a solid beat.

7. The Truth

Another slow jam with a softer delivery and minimalistic music

8. How We Get Down (feat. Donny Arcade)

 This track has a great feeling of an old blues jam with epic piano chords and a soft jazzy guitar.  This is the perfect background for the collaboration

9. Foreplay (feat. B. Kush)

A playful interlude

10. Hot and Heated

A classic West-Coast feel with mellow vocalization.

11. The Culture   

This track immediately has a feel of belonging in a movie soundtrack with its high note piano and strings.

12.  Da Realest

Features a complex rhythm and quick stabbing organ, which gives a rougher edge.

13.  Bye-Bye

 The sped-up vocal samples in this track give it a very interesting and catchy sound.

14.  Mr. McGinnis

This song truly highlights Dirk LP’s philosophy of life and the music industry.  The music has an honest and sincere feel.

15. Meet da Rapper

Electro rhythm with phased synths

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Straight out ofAlabama, Dirk LP is a dynamic hip-hop artist with a style all of his own. Talent runs in his blood, getting well-known in the industry at the age of 9.

His sound and rhythm give the hip hop genre a new edge. His lyrical flow is smooth and you can groove to those beats just about anywhere you can think of. If you want to see some of Dirk’s swagger, check out Meet the Bamas. He’s in his element and is surely a natural in front of the camera.

With 6 albums out now, the latest is called Solid and rightfully so. Dirk definitely has a foundation to stand behind with his successful track record. Word has it that in Spring 2012, “With a Vengeance” comes out and judging by the title, he’s taking the world by storm and so prepare for the title wave.

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