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Cast : Emraan Hashmi, Vidya Balan, Rajesh Sharma, Namit Das

Music : Amit Trivedi

Story : Rajkumar Gupta

Editing : Aarti Bajaj

Lyrics : Amitabh Bhattacharya

Cinematography : Setu

Screenplay : Rajkumar Gupta, Parvez Sheikh

Direction : Rajkumar Gupta


        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Ghanchakkar Babu Amit Trivedi ★★★★½
Lazy Lad Richa Sharma, Amit Trivedi ★★★★☆
Allah Meherbaan Divya Kumar, Amit Trivedi ★★★½☆
Jholu Ram Atlaf Raja, Amit Trivedi ★★★½☆

Lazy Lad

Singers : Richa Sharma, Amit Trivedi

The second best song of the album ! The quirky lyrics and Richa Sharma’s rendition go hand in hand. This song looks promising for some funny visuals involving Vidya Balan & Emraan Hashmi. There is some kind of ‘punjabiness’ attributed to this track – be it the lyrics, arrangements, rendition. A winner here !

Jholu Ram

Singers : Atlaf Raja, Amit Trivedi

The highly expected Atlaf Raja-Amit Trivedi number ! Despite having superb lyrics & a fabulous tune to back it up, this song pales in comparison with some of Amit Trivedi’s previous hit numbers.  Saxaphone dominates the arrangement. ”Always surrounded by villain, woman & money, one can never be lonely” – yes, the lyrics are as funny as this.

Ghanchakkar Babu

Singers : Amit Trivedi

Easily, the best track of the album. ’Ghanchakkar Babu’ has Amit Trivedi at his very best. With quirky lyrics, catchy tune & a free flowing tune, this track would go into most playlists by default. Amit Trivedi’s singing must be commended here. He has certainly grown as a singer over the last year or so. ’continuous thokampatti ?, spontaneous jholampatti ?’ who cares ? This one’s too funny. There is also a remixed version of this number but nothing to write about it though.

Allah Meherbaan

Singers : Divya Kumar, Amit Trivedi

Is it a qawwali ? No.  Is it a techo number ? Not exactly.  ‘Allah Meherbaan’ is a fusion of modern arrangements with vocals sung in qawwali style. This song has an inbuilt satire attributed to it. Divya Kumar does well but the real show stealer is Amit Trivedi for recreating such an unique number.

To sum it up: Despite having two sure shot chartbusters, this album falls short of Amit Trivedi’s standards. Amit Trivedi has set himself such high standards that 2 and half songs working out of 4 songs is considered below par. This is an experimental album & yup, it sticks to the mood of the film. Go for it with minimal expectations ! But, Amit Trivedi still rocks !

Picks of the album : Ghanchakkar Babu, Lazy Lad

Album Verdict : An album that works considering the mood of the movie !

Musicperk Rating ★★★★★★★☆☆☆