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Cast: Allu Sirish, Yami Gautam, Prakash Raj, Nassar.

Music: S. Thaman

Label: Prakash Raj Music

Story: Radha Mohan, B.V.S.Ravi, Viji

Editing: Alen

Cinematography: Preetha

Screenplay: Radha Mohan

Direction:  Radha Mohan


Gouravam, a Bilingual film is directed by Radha Mohan under Prakash Raj’s Duet Production. This movie has Music Composed by Thaman.S. This is the first time Radha Mohan collaborating with Thaman to render the music for this Heavy Heart, Honor Killing village Subject movie. Thaman riding high on his hit tracks in Settai, now has a different subject to compose music. This also marks Prakash Raj’s Entry into Music Label in Production under the name Prakash Raj Music.

    Track Name               Singers     Rating
Maname Maname Ranjith & Srivarthini ★★★☆☆
Ondraai Ondraai Haricharan & Suchitra ★★★½☆
Mannadacha Pandhu Gaana Bala ★★★☆☆
Oru Grammam Gaana Bala ★★½☆☆


1. Maname Maname

Singers: Ranjith & Srivarthini

Maname Maname is the first of the four songs in this album. A very pleasant, soothing romance number by Thaman. Ranjith who seems to be the lucky mascot for Thamans album has sung this romantic number along with Srivarthini. Srivarthini starts this song in a very beautiful way; it can be compared to the birds sound in early morning. Ranjiths voice is just perfect. After this one would question Ranjith, why isn’t he singing more such songs? Lyrics are Romantic and lovable. Thamans music has Carnitic feel at places which makes this song relaxing and relieving.
A peachy and delightful number.

2. Ondraai Ondraai

Singers: Haricharan & Suchitra

Thaman finally seems to have understood Tamil Audience. It’s a welcome change from Thaman to use only the raw music from the instruments rather than his usual techno and remixing stuffs. The song starts off with keybord tones on single note with Chorus voice sounding very heavy. The Music throughout the song has a revolutionary feeling. Haricharan’s voice is very youthful & powerful but it is Suchitra’s voice which makes this a brilliant song. Suchitra is sure on clouds nine with most of her songs topping the Chart. Lyrics are just good enough to give goose bumps.

Song for Youth Revolution.

3. Mannadacha Pandhu

Singers: Gaana Bala

Yet another Gaana song from Gaana Bala under Thamans Music. Gaana Bala voice is different and definitely a bless to this Music Industry. He has done his part pretty much. The music is interesting. Unlike Gaana Bala’s previous song this seems to be much better gaana song with Thaman. Lyrics seem to be the heart of this song. Madhan Karky, doing a brilliant job with his pen. When the film story is a heavy subject we expect Gaana songs to be very meaningful and this song doesn’t fail.
Time for some Gaana from Village.

4. Oru Grammam

Singers: Gaana Bala

The last song of the album and its Gaana Bala again. This time he has tried out a village type song rather than usual Gaana Song. It’s a Simple and Neat song about village and its beauty. Gaana bala voice does gives a village feel for this song. There isn’t much about lyrics in here as the song is very short. This one sounds more like a Title song for the movie. Thaman music is short and sweet.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Thaman has grabbed the perfect village essence. His music portraits a Village and Madhan’s Lyrics pens about the village life. Thaman did give a few surprises with his choice of singers but he got it perfectly right. Not many would have expected Thaman to compose such a brilliant album on village based subject. It is glade to see such a refreshing album from thaman.

Picks Of the Album: Ondraai Ondraai

Album Verdict: Change of tide for Thaman. Subtle and Excellent Composition.