Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Manjot Singh, Ali Fazal, Richa Chadda, Vishakha Singh and Priya Anand

Music: Ram Sampath

Label: T-Series

Story: Vipul Vig

Editing: Anand Subaya

Cinematography: K.U.Mohanan

Screenplay: Vipul Vig & Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

Direction: Mrighdeep Singh Lamba

Fukrey (Nobody) is a coming of age Comedy Drama. Ram Sampath has been roped to compose music for this out and out youth entertainer. Ram Sampath has been doing a good job till now, even though he dint have a big hit numbers he has managed to get a name for himself with Talaash. Will this be the break that he deserves? Read below.

Track Name



Fuk Fuk Fukrey

Amjad Bagadwa & Ram Sampath


Beda Paar

Mika Singh, Ram Sampath & Tarannum Malik


Lag Gayi Lottery

Ram Sampath & Tarannum Malik


Karle Jugaad Karle

Kailash Kher & Keerthi Sagathia



Clinton Cerejo, Keerthi Sagathia & Ram Sampath



Sona Mohapatra



1. Fuk Fuk Fukrey

Singers: Amjad Bagadwa & Ram Sampath

The promotion of Fukrey started with this track named on the title of the movie. The song on first hears sound okay but on repeated listen with well understood words, it sounds funny and enjoyable. It’s a fast paced track, slightly offbeat at the start with a good mix of instruments. The music is more of a party number with its beats good enough to make some moves on the dance floor. Both male singers have done a  decent job to give a very lively and amateurish voice to suit the young hero’s on the screen.

Let go Fukrey!

2. Beda Paar

Singers: Mika Singh, Ram Sampath & Tarannum Malik

This is pure party number starting with high and repetitive beats with a female voice on background giving a techno feel. Its Mika Singh voice that steels the show as the songs kicks off. It inevitable to see people hit the dance floor as soon as Mika Singh Voice comes through those speakers. Tarannuma Malik who rose to fame with the song from “Ek Tha Tiger – Saiyaara” has given good support to fill in the female portion for this song and gives a romantic shape to this song. Ram Sampath has supported it well. The song seems to run at a rapid pace that you don’t realize when it ends. It’s the Veena sound in between pallavis that is irresistibly enjoyable. Lyrics are penned on the party date between the lead starts.

3. Lag Gayi Lottery

Singers: Ram Sampath & Tarannum Malik

If you are a good listener to English songs and when you listen to this song, you are sure to figure out what this song sound like. Yeah, this is a perfect rip off, of a One Direction song, “live while we’re young”, and the folk version is similar to many hindi songs. This is a big let down from Ram Sampath in not coming up with an original work. What works best for this song are the singer’s voice . Even though it seems to be copied it’s still an enjoyable track. Ram Sampath Voice is youthful and Tarannuma Malik voice has the romantic flavor.

Enjoyable track that lacks creativity.

4. Karle Jugaad Karle

Singers: Kailash Kher & Keerthi Sagathia

If you have Kailash Ji in a song, the song for sure needs to be heard. This is a perfect example of how a song with exceptional singers, with some good lyrics still fails to make a name in the chart. The lyrics of the song isn’t that interesting, it’s more like saying a story or narrating a story. The music has a Gazzal mix with modern instruments like the drums and Electronic guitar. It is just the voice of Kailash ji and Keerthi Sagathia that sustains our interest. Kailash Ji deserves credit for supporting the whole song in his shoulder and his voice is captivating and addictive as always.

High on singing talent lacks depth in music.

5. Rabba

Singers: Clinton Cerejo, Keerthi Sagathia & Ram Sampath

Ram Sampath has stored the best towards to the end. Rabba is yet another Punjabi style Folk song high on beats. This doesn’t look at the first when the song starts as it starts with very low melody style with Acoustic guitar making it sound like a Romantic number. Kudos to Clinton Cerejo for pulling of a splendid performance, making this song a worthy repeat number. Ram Samapth deserves to be named for a perfect support along with Keerthi Sagathia. The beats are very snappy. Ram Samapth deserves yet another credit for great sound mixing to make this song work. Lyrics are very catchy, funny and instantly strike a chord. The music with the lyrics has captured the right emotions to make this song a perfect number.

Song worth for repeated play.

6. Ambarasariya

Singers: Sona Mohapatra

Finally, the best of the pack, Ambarasariya, is a Romantic number with a mix of Punjabi Folk and Melody. This song is high on guitar which romances with harmonium. Use of such instruments gives a slight Hindustani feel in the middle of the song. This perfect musical romance steals the show away from the singer who has sung this in a very packed, perfect and neat way. This guitar work deserves special mention  followed by brilliant female vocals by Sona Mohapatra capturing the emotions of gau ki goori (Village girls) perfectly . Sona’ s voice is as mesmerizing as the lyrics of this song. End of the day Music is the winner.

Addictive! Pick of the Album and pick of this summer.


Having jumped into the prime league, Ram Sampath created a lot of expectation prior to this album release. Also when working under the much reputed production house who have given some memorable hit albums, Ram Sampath was expected to deliver his best. Most of the songs being a party number with catchy lyrics suiting the Fukreys, it’s that one Romantic Number which captures all the attention of this album. Though Ram Sampath has experimented with some new tunes and ripped off tunes from English and Hindi songs, it’s still an enjoyable album. It is more likely that the song might do the magic with visuals.

Picks Of The Album: Ambarasariya, Rabba and Beda Pyar.

Album Verdict:  Party and Romance in Fukrey style.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆